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034 Yippy




Cookie Scout

Flipdeck Card Number

034 [1]

Attitude as A Customer




First Appearance

Papa's Pancakeria



Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving (Cupcakeria)
New Year (Pastaria)

Yippy is an energetic cookie scout girl who first appeared in Papa's Pancakeria. She lives in Maple Mountain , where you can often find her hiking in the woods, or trailing down the roads, selling her original, cookie scout cookies. Earning merit badges was another thing she did best. In Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack, she is  a playable character.


Yippy is a little girl, with blonde braides, tied by two brown hair clips. She wears a white t-shrit, with chocolate chip print on each sleeve. She also has green pants, with a matching sash. Her sash contains all her earned merit badges, at her cookie scout. Around her waist, she wears a dark, black belt, with a huge creameo attached to it. Finally, she wears around a pair of chocolate chipped patterned shoes, with a cute, little matching beret.

Flipdeck Info

This energetic young Cookie Scout keeps busy in Maple Mountain, and can be found hiking in the woods or marching down the street selling delicious cookies. Just when Yippy was looking for a new pet project, Papa's Pancakeria opened in the area, and she got started working on her “Balanced Breakfast” merit badge.


Papa's Pancakeria

Papa's Burgeria iPad

  • Bottom Bun
  • Pickle
  • Medium Patty
  • American Cheese
  • Ketchup
  • Tomato
  • Top Bun

Papa's Wingeria

  • 3 Honey Mustard Strips
  • 3 BBQ Boneless Wings
  • 6 French Fries
  • Awesome Sauce Dip

Papa's Hot Doggeria

Papa's Cupcakeria

  • Liner A
  • Confetti Cake
  • Cupcake 1:
    • Chocolate Frosting
    • Vanilla Drizzle
    • Pumpkin Pie Drizzle (Chocolate Drizzle in other holidays)
    • Chocolate Chips
    • Harvest Stripe Cookie (Nutty Butter Cup in other holidays)
    • Chocolate Acorn (Cherry in other holidays)
    • Harvest Stripe Cookie (Nutty Butter Cup in other holidays)
  • Cupcake 2:
    • Orange Frosting
    • Vanilla Drizzle
    • Chocolate Drizzle
    • Chocolate Chips
    • Harvest Stripe Cookie (Nutty Butter Cup in other holidays)
    • Chocolate Acorn (Cherry in other holidays)
    • Harvest Stripe Cookie (Nutty Butter Cup in other holidays)

Papa's Freezeria HD

  • Medium Cup
  • Cotton Puffs
  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Regular Blend
  • Whipped Cream
  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Sprinkles
  • 3 Cookies

Papa's Pastaria

  • Regular Rainbow Gramigna (Radiatori in other holidays)
  • Papa's Marinara Sauce
  • Rainbow Peppercorn (Parmesan Cheese in other holidays)
  • 5 Cheese Cubes (1 Chicken in other holidays)
  • 4 Chicken
  • Pepperoni Bread

Papa's Freezeria To Go!

  • Large Cup
  • Cookie Dough
  • Cotton Candy Syrup
  • Regular Blend
  • Maui Meringue
  • Sprinkles
  • Cotton Candy Creameo, Cherry, Cotton Candy Creameo
  • 3 Gummy Worms

Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!

Yippy is a  playable customer in this game. Her skill is crawling, and she uses cookies.


  • Her favorite foods are most likely chocolate and cookies.
  • She has seen Santa Claus, as seen in the holiday picture for Christmas in 2012.
  • Out of all the customers, she is probably the youngest.
  • She could possibly be the 3rd shortest customer. (The first two being Edoardo Romano and Georgito.)
  • Theres aglitch In Papa Louie 2 where her braid is layered under her arm.

Unlockable toppings along with her

  • In Hot Doggeria, she is unlocked with Candy Jack
  • In Freezeria HD, she is unlocked with Cotton Puffs
  • In Pastaria, she is unlocked with Rainbow Peppercorn
  • In Freezeria To Go, she is unlocked with Cotton Candy Cremeo 


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