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Gender Male
Occupation: n/a
First Appearance Papa's Wingeria
Flipdeck Card Number: n/a
Known Relatives: Xandra (sister)
Edna (foster mother)
Favorite Holiday All
Closer Papa's Wingeria
Papa's Hot Doggeria
Papa's Cupcakeria
Papa's Pastaria
Papa's Donuteria
Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

Xolo (pronounced: "zow-low") is a male customer who makes his first appearance as a closer in Papa's Wingeria.


Xolo wears a sleeveless yellow shirt with a X similar to Xandra. He has messy orange hair and mismatched eyes. He has a blue scarf on his neck. He also has purple and blue pants with red patches sewn on. Xolo has white shoes with yellow laces.  


Papa's Wingeria and HD

  • 5 Spicy Garlic Wings
  • 5 Red Peppers
  • 2 Mango Chili Dips

Papa's Hot Doggeria

  • Italian Sausage in a Hoagie Roll
  • Mustard
  • Papa's Ballpark Mustard
  • Mushrooms
  • Relish
  • Pickle
  • Drink and Popcorn:
    • Large Hyper Green
    • Small Red Hot Popcorn

Papa's Cupcakeria

  • On Both Cupcakes:
    • Random Liner
    • Lemon Cake
  • Frostings:
    • Valentines Day: Pink Frosting
    • St Paddy's Day: Chocolate Frosting
    • Easter: Violet Frosting
    • Onionfest: Violet Frosting
    • Summer Luau: Green Frosting
    • Starlight Jubilee: Teal Frosting
    • Baseball Season: White Frosting
    • Pirate Bash: Dark Blue Frosting
    • Halloween: Black Frosting
    • Thanksgiving: Orange Frosting
    • Christmas: Red Frosting
    • New Year: Sunglow Frosting
  • Random Toppings in other holidays

Papa's Freezeria HD

  • Large Cup
  • Fudge Brownie
  • Pumpkin Pie Syrup
  • Chunky Blend
  • Chocolate Whipped Cream
  • Chocolate Topping
  • Nuts
  • Sprinkles
  • Creameo, Cookie, Creameo

Papa's Pastaria

  • Regular Fettuccine (except in three holidays)
  • Three Cheese Sauce (except in five holidays)
  • 7 Meatballs (5 Shrimps in Starlight Jubilee; four or five in eight holidays)
  • Random Toppings during each holiday
  • Crescent Roll

Papa's Freezeria To Go!

  • Large Cup
  • Yum N Ms
  • Tutti Fruiti Syrup
  • Chunky Blend
  • Lemon Chiffon
  • Dreamsicle Topping
  • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Gummy Onion, Gummy Worm, Gummy Onion

Papa's Donuteria

  • Chocolate Long John Donut (Bearclaw in Big Top Carnival) with Chocolate Mousse (random holiday filling in seven holidays)
    • Chocolate Icing (orange in three holidays, random holiday icing in two)
    • Mini Mallows (random holiday drizzle in seven holidays)
  • Regular Round Donut (random holiday cutter in ten holidays) (filled with random fillings, regular or holiday, in eight holidays)
    • Vanilla Icing (clear in one holiday, red in one, random holiday icing in nine)
    • Random toppings (regular and holiday) during each holiday
  • Chocolate Long John Donut (Bearclaw in Big Top Carnival) with Strawberry Jelly (random holiday filling in two holidays)
    • Strawberry Icing (random icings in two holidays)
    • Blue Moon Drizzle (random holiday topping in two holidays)


  • He is Xandra's twin brother
    • He is also Edna's adoptive son according to her flipdeck.
  • In Wingeria, he is the only person to order 10 total items.
  • He was in the 2013 Easter Picture with his sister Xandra.
  • Xolo dresses as a clown during Halloween.
  • In Papa's Pastaria, the only holiday he does not order meatballs is Starlight Jubilee.


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