Workers are the characters players can select when starting any of the Papa Louie restaurant time-management games. In all but Papa's Pizzeria (where the default worker is "Roy,"), players can select either a male or female character.

Custom Workers were introduced in Papa's Wingeria so that players can create their own character instead of using the default workers.

Some of the chefs were selected by the fans through the Papa's Next Chef's tournaments held once a year since 2011.

The character "Joy" was added to Papa's Pizzeria to Go! to serve as the female playable character for the Pizzeria game. Papa Louie can be selected as a playable character in Papa's Burgeria when playing the game through Flipline Studios' website or Flipline updated Burgeria once, allowing Papa Louie to become a playable character on any website that hosts the game.


(In alphabetical order)

Names in BOLD means the character won a Papa's Next Chefs tournament: