Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, Administrators can access a few additional functions.

To ensure this wiki remains the best source of information about Flipline Studios on the Internet, several Administrators are there to help users, protect and enhance the wiki to its best.

For knowing who the staff members are, you can check here. But, remember that some inactive or globally blocked/disabled users might be excluded.


The Founder is the one who creates the Wiki. They automatically have Bureaucrat rights. When the "Achievements" of a Wiki is enabled, the users earns a badge called "The Creator", which is worth 100 points.

Administrator and Bureaucrat

Administrators and Bureaucrats, users who have some extra editing abilities that normal users don't have such as protecting or deleting pages, closing threads, editing wiki navigation, edit another user's message, edit any user's blog etc. They can also block users and make ChatMods. The only difference is that, Bureaucrats can change other user rights that Admins cannot do.


Patrollers are users who make sure that there is no vandalism in the edits of articles. When Recent Changes Patrol is enabled, anyone with Admin rights is automatically part of the patrol (however, participation is optional). They check each and every revision of Recent Changes. A revision checked by a Patroller is marked "Patrolled".


Rollbacks are users who can revert an edit privately (the undo action does not appear on Recent Wiki Changes).

Chat Moderator

Chat Moderators, or ChatMods in short, are users who have the ability to kick and ban normal users from chat. This status is mostly given to people who are active or semi-active on chat and are trusted by the Admins. But, a ChatMod cannot kick Admins, Wikia Staff Members, VSTFs or other ChatMods.

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