Which one of this group of Papa's Eateria characters is your favorite?

Is it Cooper, Papa Louie's biggest fan?

Allan, the guy with the Elvis Presley-style hair?

Robby, the boy who like pirates?

Chuck, the man behind the Wingeria counter?

It might be the guys who made games like Pizzeria and Wingeria, Matt Neff and Tony Solary.

Or perhaps Nick, the boy who likes to kayak.

Or is it Penny, the young lady behind the Freezeria counter?

Perhaps you might like Sarge Fan, a mischievous little boy who is obsessed with onions.

Maybe it's Marty that you like, the guy behind the Burgeria counter.

Maybe you like Maggie, the girl behind the Taco Mia counter.

Do you like Mandi, the wife of Tony Solary?

Or do you like Doan, Papa Louie's graphic designer?

Or is your favorite character Mary, the artist of Tastyville?

Maybe your favorite is Hank, the officer of Maple Mountains.

Or maybe Kingsley, the comedian of Tastyville.

Maybe it's Roy that's your favorite, Papa Louie's faithful assistant.

You probably like Sasha, the girl who likes Pizza Monsters.

Or maybe Clair, the nurse/doctor of Tastyville.

Maybe you're interested in Yippy, the girl scout of Maple Mountains.

Or do you enjoy Rico, the man who wanted to open a Chiliria?

Maybe you enjoy Kahuna, the man who runs a surf shack on Calypso Island.

Or it's probably Wendy that spark your interest, the mechanic of Maple Mountains.

Or your favorite could well be Papa Louie himself, the founder of restaurants like Pizzeria and Wingeria!

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