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Travel Trout is the name of a travel agency that has locations in many cities in the Flipverse. Ivy is a travel agent who started working at the Calypso Island branch when the agency first opened.

When Edoardo Romano and Olga sent out invitations to their upcoming wedding, Doan/Utah/Custom Worker used the Travel Trout website to plan his/her trip to Portallini.

One of their agencies can be seen in Whiskview Mall.

Travel Trout Tours

Papa's Pizzeria

This building houses Papa Louie’s very first restaurant, Papa’s Pizzeria. There are over a dozen apartments above the pizzeria, which are home to some of your favorite customers. You can climb the stairwell all the way to the roof and see a breathtaking view of the bustling town of Tastyville." [1]

Papa's Pizzeria

Cloudberry Beauty Salon

Cloudberry Beauty Salon was started by the mother/daughter team of Vicky and Mindy. Vicky handles the wide array of beauty treatments performed at the salon, while her daughter, Mindy, focuses on hairdressing." [2]

Cloudberry Beauty Salon

Sugarplex Theater

Sugarplex Theaters can be found in many cities. The towering art-deco design and neon lights attract huge crowds that are eager to see the latest blockbuster movies. Each year, the Sugarplex Theater company hosts the Sugarplex Film Fest. [3]


Pauly's Pepper

Pauly's Pepper is located right next to Papa's Pizzeria. Specializing in crushed pepper and exotic spices, Pauly's Pepper has a seasoning for every season. Papa Louie uses all their spices for all his major resteraunts around the world. [4]

Pauly's Pepper

Hugo's Warped Records

This one-of-a-kind record shop is run by local celebrity, DJ Honey Buster, AKA Hugo. Here you will find rare vinyl records of the past along with new pressings of indie hits. Hugo’s Warped Records is the last of it’s kind, a stalwart to music’s heyday, and a mecca for avid collectors. [5]

Hugo's Warped Records

Surf Shack

Winding your way along the boardwalk, you will come upon an unassuming yellow bungalow overlooking the pristine beach. The large Surf Shack sign and wide open doorway beckon you into the shop. Here you will find the owner, Kahuna, waxing up a longboard for the next surfing class. His store has everything you need for your vacation on Calypso Island. A wide variety of Sundresses, Shades, Snorkels and more line the walls of the Surf Shack. [6]

The Surf Shack

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