Expendables 8-bit - ALL MISSIONS COMPLETED Full Gameplay25:13

Expendables 8-bit - ALL MISSIONS COMPLETED Full Gameplay

Complete Gameplay

The Expendables 8-bit was a action/platformer game based off the movie of the same name. It was released on July 12, 2010. The game was removed from the Flipline Studios website in January 2012 alongside on other computer game websites. But it has since been re-uploaded by a user and can be played here.


"An team of elite mercenaries head to South America for a mission to overthrow the evil dictator."

Play as either martial artist Yin Yang, knife expert Lee Christmas, or the leader Barney Ross, as you fight through three dangerous locations, with General Garza's henchmen attacking from all directions. Defeat them for a final challenge with General Garza himself.


  • Yin Yang, martial artist, attacks with shurikens and kicks
  • Lee Christmas, expert at close quarters knife combat, attacks with knives
  • Barney Ross, leader of the Expendables and expert marksman


  • Mission 1: Jungle Stronghold
  • Mission 2: Dictator's Fortress
  • Mission 3: Defeat General Garza


  • This game was the second game to be removed from the Flipline Studios website.


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