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Infobox character 2
Gender unknown
Occupation: unknown
First Appearance unknown
Flipdeck Card Number: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Favorite Holiday unknown
Closer Unknown

Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


{{Infobox character 2
|Box title=
|first appearance=
|flipdeck card=


{{Infobox character 2
|Box title=<Character Name>
|background=<background color>
|bgcolor=<title background color>
|txtcolor=<text color>
|image=<character image>
|gender=<character gender>
|occupation=<character occupation>
|first appearance=<character first appearance>
|flipdeck card=<character flipdeck card number>
|known relatives=<character relatives>
|holiday=<character favorite holiday>
|closer=<character closer>


{{Infobox character 2
|Box title=Tony
|occupation= *Co-founder of Flipline Studios
*Administrator of Flipline Studios' Forum
|first appearance=[[Papa's Burgeria]]
|flipdeck card=083 []
|known relatives= *[[Mandy Solary]] (Wife) 
*Sidney (daughter)
|holiday= Christmas (Cupcakeria)<br>Romano Wedding (Pastaria

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