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Taco Eating Contest
Taco Eating Contest
HuzaifaaliAdded by Huzaifaali
Kingsley Sweating
Kingsley starting to sweat
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Kingsley Taco Eating Contest
Angry HeartsAdded by Angry Hearts
James gets a stomach ache
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The Taco Eating Contest was a competition to eat as many tacos as you can to win a trophy. In the start of it, many were in line, and the participants were Kingsley, Mitch/Maggie and James.

In the afternoon, James had a stomachache due to eating spoiled food and surrendered, which leaves noon, Mitch/Maggie is free to eat what was left of James' last taco.

In the evening, the last two were still at it. Kingsley started to sweat. When Mitch/Maggie started to eat two tacos at once, he stopped due to a headache from being so full. After Mitch/Maggie won, Papa Louie surprises him/her with the responsibility of running the Taco Shop from that point onward.


  • This competition is located on Tacodale.
  • This competition is the intro of Papa's Taco Mia!
  • This is the only intro that has a newspaper.
  • The two competitors will you give you a badge if you unlock both of them.
    • Kingsley is unlocked when Mitch/Maggie serve around half of the customers. James is the second to last before Papa Louie.
      Papa Louie - James Eating a Taco
      James in the Taco Eating Contest
      Papa Louie - Taco Eating Contest Begins
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