Starlight City, the "Gaming Capital of the World", is the city where Papa's Wingeria is based. Foodini's Truck, Papa Louie's Arcade and Georgito's Palace are located along the strip. The Starlight City Buffaloes represent the city during the baseball season at Griller Stadium.

Day 42

Starlight City



  • Papa's Wingeria - One of Papa's many restaurants, this one is about fried wings and shrimp.
  • Georgito's Palace - A luxury hotel and pachinko parlor.
  • Papa Louie Arcade.
  • Blue building with order hints.
  • Gigaloaf Labs - Professor Fitz runs the Gigaloaf Labs.
  • Foodini's Truck.
  • Éclair Academy - Iggy's school located just outside of the city.


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