Spicy garlic sauce unlocked

Spicy Garlic Sauce is unlocked on Day 2 with James in Papa's Wingeria and with Willow in Papa's Wingeria HD. The badge 'Garlicious' is given when you serve 30 orders with Spicy Garlic Sauce.

Customers who order it (Papa's Wingeria)

Customers who order it (Papa's Wingeria HD)


  • Nobody orders spicy garlic boneless wings or strips. Wingeria HD is an exception because Kenji orders spicy garlic boneless wings.
  • Nick and Foodini are the only customers to order this on shrimp. All the other customers who order this order it on wings, with Jojo sometimes being the only exception.
  • In Wingeria HD, Cecilia is the only customer to order this on tofu skewers. Kingsley is the only customer to order this on hog wings. No customers order it on strips except Jojo sometimes.