Saucy Shot

Saucy Shot is a minigame that is first introduced in Papa's Cupcakeria. The targets are different baddies from Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! The weapon used in this game is a bottle of BBQ Sauce.

It also appears in Papa's Freezeria HD.

Papa's Cupcakeria Prizes

  1. Rugby Shirt Shirt
  2. Stpaddy icon Lime Stripe Wall Wallpaper
  3. Bright Belt Belt Accessory
  4. Stpaddy icon Paddy's Poster Waiting Bonus
  5. Stpaddy icon Golden Tile Flooring
  6. Hanging Plant Waiting Bonus
  7. Sizzlers Hat Hat
  8. Halloween icon Halloween Wall Wallpaper
  9. Summer Skirt/Star Pants Pants
  10. Red Bag/Red Necktie Accessory
  11. Christmas icon Snow Floor Flooring
  12. Gondoliers Jacket Jacket
  13. Yellow Laces Shoes
  14. Christmas icon Poinsettia Box Waiting Bonus

Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes

  1. Jojo Beret
  2. BurgeriaHot Burgeria Poster
  3. BurgeriaHot Sandwich Wall
Burger building

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