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The Sauce Station

The Sauce Station is the station where players add flavored sauces to the meat items that were fried in Papa's Wingeria and Papa's Wingeria HD. The badge "Stocking the Sauces" is earned when player unlock all the sauces.


In this station, players add the correct amount of sauce to the finished meat. If players add too little sauce or spin too early or late, there will be some areas where the meat is not covered. Too much will result in the sauce splattering onto the plate when placing the meat items, and the customer's will have sauce on his or her face when eating. Spinning too early or late and/or not adding the correct amount of sauce will cause you to lose points.


There are 11 different types of sauces used in Papa's Wingeria. Three new sauces were added in Papa's Wingeria HD: