Rico's Chiliworks Title Card
Screenshot 10 chili
Rico's Chiliworks is a mini-game that makes its debut in Papa's Cheeseria. The objective is to get the flow of chili to the bowl from a certain starting point, using whatever pipes are made available to the player. Players have to click the pipes to turn them in the right direction, and make them all line up before the chili starts flowing.

Papa's Cheeseria Prizes

  1. Maple Mornings icon Bacon Poster
  2. Plaid Shirt
  3. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Flag
  4. Fingerless Gloves
  5. Stpaddy icon2 Hanging Plant
  6. White Stripe Belt
  7. Turtleneck
  8. Maple Mornings icon Wood Grain Wall
  9. Beanie
  10. Starlightjubilee icon2 Buffalo Poster
  11. Halloween icon Dark Wood Floor
  12. Laced Shoes
  13. Royal Crown


  • Bronze Lg. Onion Crate
  • Silver Rowdy Rico Arcade
  • Gold Soda Machine

Papa's Cheeseria Prize Gallery

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! Prizes

  1. Sm. Onion Crate
  2. Christmas icon2 Vanilla Poster
  3. Md. Wingeria Table
  4. Sky Ninja Flag
  5. M Cinco Stripes
  6. Stpaddy icon2 Chips Poster
  7. Army Onion
  8. Onion Gum
  9. Portallini Theme
  10. CometCon icon Creameo Poster
  11. Sm. Ninja Table
  12. Griller Stadium
  13. Sluau icon Palm Tree


  • Bronze Sm. Chili Crate
  • Silver Sm. Baseball Table

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! Prizes

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prizes

  1. Light Beads
  2. Christmas icon Vanilla Poster
  3. Sluau icon Sunshine Shirt
  4. Maple Mornings icon Bumblebee Pants
  5. Stpaddy icon Green Striped Wall
  6. New year icon2 Rainblow Gum
  7. Gondoliers Hat
  8. Sluau icon Luau Umbrella
  9. Starlightjubilee icon Red Letter Jacket
  10. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Plaid Floor
  11. Green Butterflies
  12. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Md. Blossom Table
  13. Viking Helmet


  • Bronze Bronze Medal
  • Silver Sliver Medal
  • Gold Gold Medal

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prize Gallery

Papa's Bakeria Prizes

  1. Burple Tee
  2. Grōōvstock icon Fudge Poster
  3. Sluau icon Teal Zigzag Floor
  4. Retro Hockey Jersey
  5. Starlightjubilee icon Small Jubilee Table
  6. Stripe Armwarmers
  7. Halloween icon Halloween Poster
  8. Brown Fedora
  9. Starlightjubilee icon Starstripe Wall
  10. Sweatband
  11. Raccoon Cap
  12. Halloween icon Spindly Spider
  13. Bomber Jacket


  • Bronze Bronze Medal
  • Silver Sliver Medal
  • Gold Gold Medal

Papa's Bakeria Prize Gallery

Papa's Taco Mia HD Prizes

  1. PortalliniFeast icon Feast Velvet Rope
  2. Maple Mornings icon Log Cabin Wall
  3. Yellow Laces
  4. Starlightjubilee icon Striped Belt
  5. PortalliniFeast icon Portallini Poster
  6. Sluau icon Planter Box
  7. PortalliniFeast icon Portallini Shirt
  8. Sluau icon Luau Visor
  9. Vday icon Valentine's Balloons
  10. Racoon Cap
  11. Thanksgiving icon Walnut Floor
  12. New year icon2 Star Jacket
  13. Gold Wristwatch


  • Bronze Chai Reverb Gum

Papa's Taco Mia HD Prize Gallery

Papa's Sushiria Prizes

  1. Vday icon Almond Poster
  2. Beanie
  3. Summer Luau icon2 Planter Box
  4. Pinstripe Pants
  5. Starlight BBQ icon Blue Plaid Floor
  6. Cherry Blossom Festival icon2 Raglan Shirt
  7. New year icon2 Comic Books
  8. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Windbreaker
  9. CincodeMayo icon Small Cinco Table
  10. CincodeMayo icon Sneakers
  11. Summer Luau icon2 Teal Stripe Wall
  12. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Striped Messenger Bag
  13. Summer Luau icon2 Banana Gum


  • Bronze Drum Set

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prizes

  1. Starlightjubilee icon2 Patriotic
  2. Maple Mornings icon Log Fence
  3. Thanksgiving icon Hardshell Poster
  4. Vday icon Valentine Balloons
  5. New year icon2 Md. Rainbow Table
  6. Md. Onion Crate
  7. Stpaddy icon2 Pot o' Gold
  8. Red Sky Wall
  9. Vday icon Valentine's Poster
  10. Sluau icon Palm Tree
  11. Stpaddy icon2 Green Lobby
  12. Thanksgiving icon Lg. Harvest Table
  13. Golden Tiles


  • Bronze Stack of Tires
  • Silver Bat Fence
  • Gold Papa Statue

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prize Gallery

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes

  1. Plain Pants
  2. Sausage Poster
  3. Layered Polo
  4. Thanksgiving icon Corn Stalks
  5. CincodeMayo icon Cobblestone Floor
  6. Logo Cap
  7. Sluau icon Surfboard
  8. WindBreaker
  9. Sm. Lucky Table

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD

  1. Sluau icon Diet Poster
  2. New year icon2 Backpack
  3. Sluau icon Surfboard
  4. Short Dash Guard
  5. Flapjack Poster
  6. Dark Wood Floor
  7. Stitched Mocassins

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go!

  1. CincodeMayo icon3 Md. Cinco Table
  2. Sluau icon Diet Poster
  3. Purple Print
  4. Thanksgiving icon Autumn Tree
  5. Maple Mornings icon Flapjacks Poster
  6. CincodeMayo icon3 Cinco Fence
  7. Halloween icon Hardshells Poster
  8. Maple Mornings icon Chicken Statue
  9. Telescope
  10. Lg. Sugarplex Table
  11. Sm. Bavarian Table
  12. Popcorn Machine
  13. Blueberry Gum


  • Bronze Sm. Baseball Table

Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! Prizes Gallery


  • The game is based on the classic computer games Pipe Dream or Pipe Mania.