Powsicle Parfait is a recipe that was introduced with the introduction of Papa's Cook Book, a new feature on the Flipline Studios Blog.

Recipe 001


The instructions are posted here.

1: THE RED MIXTURE: Pour the granulated sugar and HALF of the strawberries into a blender or food processor and blend until it’s nice and smooth. Then, pour the puree into a bowl and mix in the remaining half of sliced strawberries. Set this red mixture aside for later.

2: THE WHITE MIXTURE: In a separate bowl, mix together the vanilla yogurt and mini marshmallows. Set this white mixture aside for later.

3: THE BLUE MIXTURE: In a separate bowl, mix the blueberries, honey, and blue sprinkles together. Set this blue mixture aside for later.

4: FINISH IT! Pour the red mixture a third of the way into the parfait cup. Then pour the white mixture 1 third of the way up the cup. After that, pour the blue mixture to the top of the glass. Garnish with a popsicle stick and enjoy your Powsicle Parfait!


Flipline Studios asked users to send pictures of any Powsicle Parfaits made by fans:

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