Papa's Donuteria - Pop Dart Title Card
Pop Dart
Pop Dart is a booth owned by Foodini and a minigame in Papa's Donuteria. The goal in this game is to try to pop the golden balloon with the purple star. If the player pops it, they will receive a prize. If the player pops any other balloon, they will win some money. If the player doesn't pop any balloons, they get nothing. After a long absence in the series, it appeared in Papa's Taco Mia To Go!

Papa's Donuteria Prizes

Pop Dart-0
  1. Vday icon Valentine Balloons
  2. SkyNinjaReturns icon Donut Poster Ring Donut Bonus
  3. Starlightjubilee icon Red T-Shirt Shirt
  4. SkyNinjaReturns icon Bonsai
  5. Black Sneakers
  6. Christmas icon Vanilla Poster Vanilla Drizzle Bonus
  7. Maple Mornings icon Wood Planks Flooring
  8. Chef Hat Hat
  9. New year icon2 Powder Poster Powder Sugar Bonus
  10. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Polka Wall Wallpaper
  11. SkyNinjaReturns icon Md. Ninja Table
  12. New year icon Flavor X Poster Flavor X Bonus
  13. Stpaddy icon2 Green Windbreaker Jacket


  • Bronze Wedding Arch
  • Silver Wings Sign
  • Gold Pirate Cannon

Papa's Donuteria Prize Gallery

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prizes

  1. Starlightjubilee icon2 Sm. Jubilee Table
  2. Halloween icon Onion Poster
  3. Halloween icon Sm. Halloween Table
  4. Christmas icon2 Md. Christmas Table
  5. Halloween icon Bunch o' Bats
  6. Maple Mornings icon Log Cabin
  7. Easter icon Treats Freezer
  8. Chai Reverb Gum
  9. Easter icon Lg. Easter Table
  10. Sm. Racing Table
  11. Lg. Onion Crate
  12. Md. Blossom Table
  13. BigTopCarnival icon2 Sm. Carnival Table


  • Bronze Md. Chili Crate
  • Silver Md. Baseball Table

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prize Gallery


  • Pop Dart is a play on the word Pop Tart, a toaster pastry that comes in a silver package.
  • In the minigame, the writing is styled in a way similar to a Pop Tart.
  • When opening Papa's Donuteria, the stall can be seen with plush onions as a prize. However, when playing the minigame, one cannot obtain a plush onion.
  • If Foodini is already unlocked and he comes as the first customer that day, Sarge Fan runs the booth.