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Pizza Pachinko is a minigame in which the player drops a metallic ball to try to get it into the center star hole to get a Pizzeria related prize.

The difficulty increases as the strategic placement of the obstacles (pepperoni, sausage, onion, etc.) changes with each level. If the ball falls into one of the other holes other than the star hole, the player will get either a $1 or $0.50 tip.

Sneakpeek pachinko 01

The Logo

Papa's Pancakeria Prizes

  1. Pizza Slice Poster
  2. Pizzeria Poster
  3. Pizzeria Wall
  4. Small Papa Poster
  5. Small Pizza Table
  6. Pizzeria Wall
  7. Pizzeria Fence
  8. Medium Pizza Table
  9. Pizzeria Floor
  10. Papa Louie Balloons
  11. Large Pizza Table
  12. Red Carpet
  13. Anchovy Gum
  14. Pizza Boxes

Papa's Pancakeria Prize Gallery

Papa's Wingeria Prizes

  1. Pizzeria Poster
  2. Papa Louie Tee
  3. Small Pizza Table
  4. Pizzeria Wall
  5. Summer Skirt/Star Pants
  6. Papa Louie Balloons
  7. Medium Pizza Table
  8. Bright Belt
  9. Letter Jacket
  10. Large Pizza Table
  11. Knit Hat
  12. Pizzeria Floor
  13. Plaid Scarf
  14. Pizza Boxes

Papa's Cupcakeria Prizes

  1. Vday iconValentine's Poster
  2. Tomatoes Jersey
  3. Vday iconPink Zag Wall
  4. Vday iconValentine Balloons
  5. Chef Hat
  6. Vday iconWhite Tile
  7. Tomatoes Bottoms
  8. Rivet Belt
  9. Pirate bash iconWave Wall
  10. Maroon Shoes
  11. Down Vest
  12. Thanksgiving iconMultigrain Floor
  13. Thanksgiving iconCorn Stalks
  14. Clown Nose

Papa's Cheeseria Prizes

  1. Moccasins
  2. Maple Mornings icon Log Fence
  3. Starlightjubilee icon2 Blue Plaid Floor
  4. Sluau iconHawaiian Shirt
  5. Maple Mornings icon Chicken Poster
  6. Cadet Cap
  7. Easter icon Pink Lemonade Gum
  8. Pirate Hat
  9. Pattern Sweater
  10. Thanksgiving icon Multigrain Wall
  11. Riveted Belt
  12. Christmas icon Wreath Poster
  13. Work Gloves
  • Rare Prizes
    1. Bronze: High Ball Lamp
    2. Silver: Trophy Case
    3. Gold: Papa Bust

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! Prizes

  1. Vday icon Valentine Balloons
  2. Md. Racing Table
  3. Log Fence
  4. Starlightjubilee icon2 Burgeria Bricks
  5. Checkered Wall
  6. BigTopCarnival icon Big Top Poster
  7. Thanksgiving icon Harvest Wall
  8. Halloween icon Licorice Gum

Papa's Taco Mia HD Prizes

  1. Starlightjubilee icon2 Starlight Poster
  2. Starlightjubilee icon2 Starlight Tank
  3. Hardshells Hat
  4. Starlightjubilee icon2 Red Flag
  5. Orange Cap
  6. Sluau icon Luau Punch Table
  7. PortalliniFeast icon Feast Dot Wall
  8. Maple Mornings icon Brown Work Shirt
  9. New year icon2 Stache Lamp
  10. Blue Shoes
  11. Stpaddy icon2 Golden Tile
  12. Maple Mornings icon Bacon Bottoms
  13. Foodini Bowtie
  • Rare Prizes
    1. Bronze: Md. Groov Tunk
    2. Silver:
    3. Gold:

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prizes

  1. Starlightjubilee icon2 Starlight Fence
  2. Stpaddy icon2 Leafy Poster
  3. Terra Cotta
  4. Vday icon Strawberry Gum
  5. Thanksgiving icon Corn Stalks
  6. Buffalo Gum
  7. Christmas icon2 Everygreen Lobby
  8. Halloween icon Spindly Spider
  9. Dr. Cherry Gum

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prize Gallery


  • This game is similar to Pachinko a Japanese form of pinball, used as both a form of recreational arcade game and more frequently as a gambling device.

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