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Papa's Cupcakeria - Pistachio Drizzle
Pistachios are an ingredient and flavor of drizzles, topping, or other ingredients used in Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

In Papa's Cupcakeria / To Go!, Pistachio Drizzle is a holiday-exclusive topping unlocked on Day 2 of the St. Paddy's Day .

In Freezeria To Go!, it is one of the syrups found in the Build Station. The badge "Nutty Sundae" is earned when you serve 30 orders with Pistachio Syrup.

In Papa's Bakeria, Pistachios are a pie topping, unlocked with Skyler when a player reaches Rank 18.

Customers who order this drizzle (Cupcakeria)

Customers who order this drizzle (Cupcakeria To Go!)

Customers who order this syrup (Freezeria to Go!)


Customers who order this topping (Bakeria)


Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Bakeria


  • Pistachio trees are small trees originating from Central Asia and the Middle East and are members of the cashew family. Pistachio "nuts" are seeds. [1]


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