Papa's Pastaria - Pickled Eggs
Pickled Eggs are a seasonal topping in Papa's Pastaria that unlocked with Little Edoardo when the player reaches on Rank 63 during Romano Wedding.

They are also a seasonal topping in Papa's Cheeseria, It's unlocked with Little Edoardo when the player reaches Rank 61 during Easter.

In Papa's Pizzeria HD, they are a seasonal topping during Easter.

Customers who order this (Papa's Pastaria)

Customers who order this (Papa's Cheeseria)

Pickled eggs

Customer who order this (Papa's Pizzeria HD)


  • Although the picture in Cheeseria shows four pickled egg slices, when selecting the item for a sandwich, only three appear.
  • The red color of the pickled eggs come from adding hard-boiled eggs into a pickling solution that includes red beets and vinegar.
  • Only males order this in Papa's Pastaria.

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