Pecans are an ingredient used in various Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

In Papa's Pancakeria, Pecan Mix is a grill mixable unlocked with Kayla when the player reaches Rank 13.

In Papa's Bakeria, Pecan Filling is a standard pie filling available at the start of the game.

In Papa's Pancakeria HD, Pecan Mix is a standard grill mixable. Pecan Pralines are a holiday-exclusive topping available during Thanksgiving. Both are unlocked with Sienna when the player reaches Rank 31.

In Papa's Pizzeria HD, Pecan Crust is a holiday-exclusive pizza crust available during Thanksgiving. It is unlocked at Rank 6 with Sienna.

Customers who order this (Pancakeria)

Papa's Pancakeria - Pecan Mix

Customers who order this (Bakeria)

Pacan filling

Customers who order this (Pancakeria HD)

Pecan Mix

Pecan Mix PHD

Pecan Pralines

Pecan Pralines PHD

Customers who order this (Pizzeria HD)

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Bakeria

Papa's Pancakeria HD


  • Ivy loves Pecans according to her Flipdeck.
  • Quinn is the only Closer to order Pecan Mix in Papa's Pancakeria/HD.
    • Papa Louie is also the only customer who orders the most bases with Pecan Mix in both games, having four pancakes with it.

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