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Papa's Pizzeria
Papa pizeria

Release Date

August 7, 2007

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Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!

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Rock Garden Deluxe

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Papa's Burgeria

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Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is the first gameria and the start of Flipline Studio's popular Papa Louie's Gameria series. It was released in 7 August 2007.

Intro (Narrative Version)

One day in Tastyville, Roy finishes delivering pizzas and comes back to the restaurant. When he enters the Pizzeria and turns on lights, he shouts for his uncle, Papa Louie, but there is no answer. Roy shouts again, but Louie is nowehere to be found. Suddenly, Roy sees a letter on the counter and reads it. In the letter, Papa Louie tells Roy to run the Pizzeria while he's gone. Terrified, Roy sees Kingsley at the door waving his hand.


  1. Cooper
  2. Wally
  3. Rita
  4. Marty
  5. Kingsley
  6. Timm
  7. Big Pauly (Rank 2)
  8. Penny (Rank 3)
  9. Maggie (Rank 4)
  10. Taylor (Rank 5)
  11. Sue (Rank 6)
  12. Allan (Rank 7)
  13. Mindy (Rank 8)
  14. Chuck (Rank 9)
  15. Greg (Rank 10)
  16. Robby (Rank 11)
  17. Mary (Rank 12)
  18. Mitch (Rank 13)
  19. Prudence (Rank 14)
  20. James (Rank 15)
  21. Cecilia (Rank 16)
  22. Mandi (Rank 17)
  23. Sasha (Rank 18)
  24. Olga (Rank 19)
  25. Franco (Rank 20)
  26. Tohru (Rank 21)
  27. Clair (Rank 22)
  28. Clover (Rank 23)
  29. Hugo (Rank 24)
  30. Peggy (Rank 25)
  31. Carlo Romano (Rank 26)
  32. Edoardo Romano (Rank 27)
  33. Gino Romano (Rank 28)
  34. Bruna Romano (Rank 29)
  35. Sarge Fan! (Rank 30)
  36. Papa Louie (get a gold award for every other customer)

Customer Debuts



  1. Newbie
  2. Trainee
  3. Cashier
  4. Delivery Boy
  5. Part-Time Cook
  6. Line Cook
  7. Pizza Topper
  8. Head Cook
  9. Chef Trainee
  10. Assistant Chef
  11. Sous Chef
  12. Pizza Chef
  13. Head Chef
  14. Master Chef
  15. Pizza Master
  16. Pepperoni Lover
  17. Sasusage Specialist
  18. Mushroom Master
  19. Pepper Pro
  20. Onion Wrangler
  21. Olive Expert
  22. Anchovy Flinger
  23. Dough Tosser
  24. Cheese Grater
  25. Oven Expert
  26. Slicer and Dicer
  27. Pizzeria Manager
  28. Pizza Commander
  29. Master Of Pizzas
  30. Ultimate Chef
  31. Better Than Papa
  32. Undefined (for the first day, but after that, it reverts back to "Better than Papa")


Cheat Name

If a player makes his or hers save slot name almostpapa, the player will go to Day 99, Rank 30. Every customer will be unlocked with a gold customer badge except Sarge Fan!. Sarge Fan! is silver with 3 stars. Papa Louie is not unlocked untill you get Sarge Fan! gold, so Day 101 is the day if you use almostpapa to unlock Papa Louie and if you make Sarge Fan happy.


  • Papa's Pizzeria is the only Gameria that has an animated intro instead of a slideshow intro.
  • It is also the only game where you can't decorate the resturant and buy upgrades and/or furniture. This feature was introduced in Papa's Burgeria, its successor. This allows the waiting scores to drop significantly.
  • When Roy presents an order to a customer, he is shown giving the pizza to a customer. In the Burgeria and beyond, the customer is already either looking at the food or eating part of it.
  • This is the only game so far to have a cheat name. (see Cheat Name section above)
  • Your worker can only be Roy in this game. In Burgeria and beyond, you can choose from two workers, One Male & One Female up to Pancakeria, and also the custom worker from Wingeria onwards.
  • This game has "New Menu Items" on Day 2, but there isn't a screen showing it. The pepperoni is already unlocked on the first day in the tutorial, and the rest of the toppings are randomly unlocked on day 2.
  • Papa's Pizzeria is the only gameria to have the opening to the day zoomed in on the chef opening the store (in all the others you can see the surroundings as the game begins.)
  • Papa's Cupcakeria was released on the 6th anniversary of this game (August 7, 2013).
  • This is the only Gameria that ranks are not given by points but by tips.
  • This is the only Gameria that in which a local comes on a random day.
  • This is the only Gameria without furniture. 
  • In the Customer Folders, all customers besides Papa Louie , when not yet unlocked, are shown as a plain silhoutte figure without arms or hair, and with a white question mark in the middle of their body. Papa Louie's silhoutte, however, featured his chef hat, allowing players to easily guess that the last customer was him.
  • This was eliminated in Burgeria, leading many people to believe that Papa Louie was no longer a servable customer. (That would be true if you were playing with him as chef on Mochi Games.)  
  • It was reinstated in Taco Mia! and onwards, however, due to the fact that the Customer Folders (by then the Customer Book) were edited to give all customers full-character silhouttes.
  • It is the first game to have a customer based of a real person, Mandi.
  • This is the only Gameria that doesn't have a build station. It's called the topping station.
  • With the almostpapa cheat name, each customers will have ordered 15 pizzas, while Sarge Fan ordered 13, and the total tips are $2470.
  • This game and Papa's Burgeria are the only games which do not feature a closer.


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