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Papa's Pancakeria
Papa pancakeria 17
General Info
Release Date: March 5,2012
Previous Game Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera
Next Game Papa's Burgeria HD
Previous Gameria Papa's Freezeria
Next Gameria Papa's Wingeria
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Papa's Pancakeria is a the fifth Papa Louie Gameria. It is a breakfast-themed game. It was released on March 5, 2012. 


Cooper/Prudence drives a white car with his/her pet and he/she were surprised when he/she sees Papa's Pizzeria, so he/she leaves his/her pet in the car to go get some pizza. Meanwhile, his/her pet sees a squirrel and the pet ran after him. When Cooper/Prudence is back, he/she gets worried, because his/her pet is missing. The next morning, he/she advertises that his/her pet has been lost and Papa Louie calls him/her that he found his/her pet at Maple Mountain. He/she drives to Maple Mountain, and he/she became surprised when he/she sees his/her pet. He/she also finds a letter from Papa Louie. His/her pet gives them a spatula and he/she didn't know that he/she is now working in Papa's Pancakeria.



  1. Cooper/Prudence ( Depends on what customer you play)
  2. Peggy
  3. Sasha
  4. Doan
  5. Taylor
  6. Rico
  7. Akari
  8. Nick
  9. Zoe
  10. Cletus
    Cooper and prudence

    art by Papl

  11. Cecilia
  12. Timm
  13. Wendy
  14. Penny
  15. Roy
  16. Tohru
  17. Big Pauly
  18. Kayla
  19. James
  20. Wally
  21. Lisa
  22. Ivy
  23. Greg
  24. Utah
  25. Marty
  26. Kingsley
  27. Bruna Romano
  28. Alberto
  29. Yippy
  30. Carlo Romano
  31. Captain Cori
  32. Allan
  33. Mandi Solary
  34. Tony Solary
  35. Vicky
  36. Edna
  37. Edoardo Romano (Little Edoardo)
  38. Mary
  39. Gremmie
  40. Matt Neff
  41. Maggie
  42. Sarge Fan!
  43. Connor
  44. Gino Romano
  45. Rita
  46. Mitch
  47. Foodini
  48. Papa Louie


Absent Customers

  • Robby (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Clover (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Franco (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Sue (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Chuck (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Olga (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Georgito
  • Hugo (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Clair (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)
  • Mindy (made a cameo on BRACKETS poster)



Grill Mixables:




Drink Extras:


Burger building

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Rank, Name, Pay, Customer Points To Achieve The Rank

  1. Newbie $100 CP is 300
  2. Trainee $105
  3. Tray Cleaner $110
  4. Cashier $115
  5. Toast Topper $120
  6. Ticket Handler $125
  7. Cinnamaster $130
  8. Waffle Wrangler $135
  9. Order Attendant $140
  10. Berry Buddy $145
  11. Topping Artist $150
  12. Mixable Trainee $155
  13. Pancake Fan $160
  14. Pecan Fan $165
  15. Mixable Master $170
  16. Drink Assistant $175
  17. Tea Brewer $180
  18. Ice Dispenser $185
  19. Orange Juicer $190
  20. Cocoa Champ $195
  21. Milk Server $200
  22. Crantastic $205
  23. Cream Whipper $210
  24. Maple Master $215
  25. Honey Drizzler $220
  26. Blueberry Buddy $225
  27. Butter Lover $230
  28. Top Banana $235
  29. Super Stacker $240
  30. Coffee Pro $245
  31. Griddle Hero $250
  32. Waffle Ironer $255
  33. Flapjack Flipper $260
  34. Hotcake Hero $265
  35. French Toast Fanatic $270
  36. Part Time Manager $275
  37. Morning Master $280
  38. Breakfast Chef $285
  39. Restaurant Manager $290
  40. Sunrise Specialist $295
  41. Pancakeria Pro $300
  42. Breakfast Champion $305
  43. Better than Papa! $310

New Gameria features

  • Being able to unlock Papa Louie at a certain rank instead of getting a gold badge for every other unlocked customer.
  • Mini games after each level using tickets earned from how well the level has been done (up to 3 tickets can be earned).
  • Parades with unlocked customers and floats.

Mini Games

Click on the minigame name to view the prize list.

Hallway Hunt Logo
Hallway Hunt 2

Hallway Hunt

In Hallway Hunt, you must follow the specified person's eyes... then guess which room the person went in to. You win a prize if you guess correctly. You lose if you guess incorrectly. You earn a prize Papa Louie related.

Breakfast Blast
Breakfast Blast 2

Breakfast Blast

Breakfast Blast is like a in the woods shooting game... Except you're shooting breakfast! What a waste! You get a prize that is Pancakeria related.

Jojo's Burger Slots Logo
Picture 11

Jojo's Burger Slots

In Jojo's Burger Slots, Jojo asks for a specific kind of burger, and you must make it right! If you get all of the ingredients right, you get a Burgeria related prize!

Spin-N-Sauce Logo
Spin N Sauce

Spin n' Sauce

Spin n' Sauce features at least 20 kinds of sauces, but try to get the mystery sauce into the taco! You get a Taco Mia! related prize or more tips!

Customer Cravings Logo
Customer Cravings

Customer Cravings

In Customer Cravings, go through memory lane and try to figure out which breakfast the person usually orders! Get them all right and get an awesome prize!

Blender Ball 2
Blender Ball

Blender Ball

This is a standard game of throwing the cookie into the holes. Get it into the star hole and get a Freezeria related prize.

Pizza Pachinko Logo
Picture 14

Pizza Pachinko

In Pizza Pachinko, you must manage to get the metal ball in the star hole. You get a Papa's Pizzeria related prize.


  • This is the first game where Papa Louie was unlocked on a rank.
  • The sauce in this game spreads, unlike others like Donuteria, Cupcakeria and Freezeria. It is probably because of the heat.
  • This game have 8 order spaces, (1 is for drink).
  • This and Donuteria is the only Gameria without onion-themed items.
  • This is the first and only game to have an unlockable station (Drink Station).
  • This is the only game where the workers have a pet.
  • This is the first game where it has mini-games that are hosted by Foodini, because of his appearance.
  • This is the first game where the customers order drinks. The second game is Papa's Hot Doggeria.
  • This is the first game to feature a parade.
  • This is the only game where it won't turn to nighttime and where the closing time stays in between day and night and not near night.
  • This game has about 10 absent customers, the most in any gameria.
    • This is also the last game where there were absent customers.
  • Georgito is the only absent customer in this game not to make a cameo on the BRACKETS poster won in Customer Cravings.
  • Captain Cori and Edoardo Romano are the only customers to order different breakfast bases.
  • Mindy, Clair, and Clover are absent in this game beacause they are getting new looks as seen in Wingeria.
  • This is the last gameria where the chefs write down customers' orders using their left hand.
  • This is the only game where the chefs wear aprons.
  • This is the last gameria where the chefs turn to face the player after serving the last customer of the day.
  • If a customer orders a topping that has to be poured, and some of it gets on the plate, they'll sometimes still give you 100% on the building score.
  • All the customer debuts here have flipdecks.
  • Ironically, two future chefs (Taylor and Peggy) appear as tutorial customers in this gameria.
  • If you look closely, when the chef turn to face to the player, later to serve the last customer, in the aprons of Cooper and Prudence bears his name but backwards (instead of Cooper says repooC and instead Prudence says ecenedurP).


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