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The Papa's Next Chefs tournament was a tournament to elect the new chefs for the the Gameria after Papa's Freezeria , which is Papa's Pancakeria as revealed later after the winnings.


As you can guess, we have been working on the next delicious installment in the Papa’s Gameria series. However, we were a little stumped as to who the next chefs should be. So we decided to leave it up to the fans to choose Papa Louie’s next employees. There will be two brackets, one battling for the boys position and the other battling for the girls position. From a pool of your 48 favorite customers, only 2 will remain to start work at the newest Papa’s restaurant (it’s a secret)!

We have 3 divisions: the Pepperoni Division (red), the Onion Division (purple), and the Pineapple Division (yellow). We’ll post a voting poll for each pairing, where you can choose who should win and move on to the next round. The tournament will be 5 rounds, with the winners of each round moving on to battle it out in the next. There is also a Wild Card spot (green star) that is earned by the losing customer in the 3rd round of the Onion Division. The loser will get a second chance by competing against the Pineapple Division Champ. We hope you are excited as we are to get this tournament started tomorrow, and get ready to vote for your favorites!

Round 1

Round1 brackets

Pepperoni Division Round 1a

Round 1b

Round 1c

Round 1d

Pepperoni Division Round 1 Winners

Pepperoni round1 winners

Onion Division Round 1a

Round 1b

Round 1c

Round 1d

Onion Division Round 1 Winners

Onion round1 winners

Pineapple Division Round 1a

Round 1b

Round 1c

Round 1d

Pineapple Division Round 1 Winners

Pineapple round1 winners

Round 2

Round2 brackets

Pepperoni Division Round 2a

Round 2b

Onion Division Round 2a

Round 2b

Pineapple Division Round 2a

Round 2b

Division Semi-Finals

Division finals

Round3 brackets

Pepperoni Division Round 3

Onion Division Round 3

Pineapple Division Round 3

Division Finals

Division winners2
Round4 brackets2

Finals a

Finals b

Championship Match


Round5 brackets

Champion Round


Tournament winners
Winner brackets

Customers not in this tournament

  • Ninjoy (is a future closer)
  • Kahuna (already has a job, as an owner of a surf shack and was a closer at the time)
  • Captain Cori (already has a job, as the S.S. Louie captain)
  • Xandra (was a closer at the time and eyes different from the others)
  • Rico (already has a job as a chili maker)
  • Quinn (already has a job, as a lawyer, and is a closer)
  • Jojo (already has a job, as a food critic, and is a closer)
  • Matt & Tony (already have jobs, at Flipline Studios)
  • Papa Louie (already has a job, as the head Eateria Manager)
  • Edoardo Romano & Georgito (too short, Edoardo is part of the Romano quartet, Georgito is a hotel manager)
  • Sarge Fan (eyes invisible)


  • This was the first Papa's Next Chefs Tournament
  • Everyone who has been in the Championship Round for third Tournament, is now a chef of one of Papa's Restaurants. Cooper and Prudence for the Pancakeria, Peggy for the Hot Doggeria, and James for the Cupcakeria.
  • This was Papa's Next Chef's 2011, but Papa's Pancakeria was released on March 5, 2012.
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