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Papa's Cupcakeria
Papap´s cupcakeria

Release Date

August 7, 2013

Previous Game

Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!

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Papa's Freezeria HD

Previous Gameria

Papa's Hot Doggeria

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Papa's Pastaria

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Papa's Cupcakeria

Papa's Cupcakeria is the 8th Gameria in the Papa Louie restaurant management series that was released by Flipline Studios on August 7, 2013. The winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2013, James and Willow, are the default workers in the game, but players can create their own custom worker as well. Seasons are introduced in this game, and with it comes the ability to unlock ingredients that will be used exclusively during a specific time frame. There are over 100 menu items, many of them being seasonal toppings. This game takes place in Frostfield. [[1]]


Papa's Cupcakeria - Roy and Papa Louie inside the car before crash

from the intro

Papa Louie and Roy witness Mayor Mallow, the mayor of the town of Frostfield, give the official seal of approval to open Papa Louie's new restaurant, Papa's Cupcakeria. While waiting at a stop on their way back to the shop, a black car hits them from behind. Roy taps the car's window, and the driver is revealed to be James/Willow/Custom Worker. He/She gets out of the car to apologize, but Roy is angry about the incident and demands payment; James/Willow/Custom Worker happen to have no money, which makes Roy more frustrated. Papa Louie instead pays Roy and offers James/Willow/Custom Worker a job in order to help pay for their expenses. He takes off Roy's Cupcakeria cap (despite his protests) and places it on James/Willow/Custom Worker's head, thus making him/her the chef of the Cupcakeria, much to his/her dismay.


Cook a ridiculous amount of delicious cupcakes for all your wacky customers in Papa's Cupcakeria! Each customer can order 2 at a time!

Papa's Cupcakeria just opened up in the picturesque town of Frostfield and you've been "hired" to run the restaurant all by yourself. You will need to master all 4 of the stations to become a cupcake crafting master.

Take your customers quirky orders in the Order Station. Prep the pan with liners and gooey batter in the Batter Station. Cook the cupcakes to perfection in the Bake Station. Finally, frost the cupcakes and cover them with delicious decorations in the Build Station.

As you level up and build a loyal customer fan base, you will notice the seasons changing all around you. Celebrate the 12 holidays with special clothing, furniture, and awesome seasonal toppings. With over 100 menu items, 90 achievements, tons of furniture, over 80 customers, and all the holidays you can imagine, this is by far the most epic restaurant Papa Louie has ever opened!

  • Papa's unique Time-management cooking style
  • Pour Batter, Bake, and Build delicious cupcakes
  • Customize your very own character
  • Fully customizeable Lobby
  • Introducing Seasons and Holidays
  • Play through 4 seasons and 12 Holidays
  • Unlock seasonal toppings
  • Look for Trick or Treating Closers
  • 110 unlockable menu items
  • Unlock 81 crazy customers
  • Brand new Customers
  • 5 fun Mini Games with tons of prizes to win
  • 90 in-game achievements to earn
  • Use your tips to buy upgrades, clothes and furniture
  • Weekly paychecks and raises as you level up


The chefs are James and Willow, plus the custom worker that you can create. Their uniforms are striped pink and brown. Their caps colors are pink, black, white and brown, with a cupcake in front and a cherry on top.

New Features

  • Some of the customers get some new looks, such as Clover and Kingsley.
  • It got new graphics and sounds.
  • Holidays that change every 5 ranks.
  • Toppings exclusive to said holidays.
  • After Papa Louie is unlocked, and after his favorite holiday is through, he won't be the first customer to come in anymore.
  • Some badges are updated. There's no longer one for reaching ranks, and there's now one for unlocking Papa Louie. Only the regular toppings have badges.
  • Foodini is no longer the second to the last customer to be unlocked.
  • Furniture and posters can quickly be removed with the "Remove All" buttons.
  • To get 100% of total for the whole day, all stations have to have 100% for them. In past Gamerias getting 100% could easily be done if 2 or less stations had 99% or if 1 station had 98% while the others were 100%. This can make getting 100% on a day very difficult as many find it difficult to get 100% on the topping station.
  • The stars on Star Customers icons are now colored to be bronze, silver, or gold, whichever the customer has recieved.
  • When using a topping in the Topping Station, there's a "Put Away" button on the bottom left where it can be put away. The topping must be dragged there. This can only be done before applying it. Also toppings that have to be poured can't stop pouring when clicking.

Customers (Some may come on random days)

  1. James/Willow
  2. Johnny
  3. Vicky
  4. Edna
  5. Connor
  6. Mary
  7. Foodini
  8. Edoardo Romano
  9. Olga
  10. Bruna Romano
  11. Yippy
  12. Franco
  13. Kayla
  14. Maggie
  15. Matt Neff
  16. Mitch
  17. Carlo Romano
  18. Ivy
  19. Scarlett
  20. Roy
  21. Sue
  22. Hugo
  23. Lisa
  24. Georgito
  25. Gino Romano
  26. Skyler
  27. Zoe
  28. Doan
  29. Xandra
  30. Mandi Solary
  31. Kingsley
  32. Cletus
  33. Mindy
  34. Sarge Fan!
  35. Rico
  36. Nick
  37. Allan
  38. Cecilia
  39. Nevada
  40. Clover
  41. Kahuna
  42. Utah
  43. Chuck
  44. Boomer
  45. Cooper
  46. Alberto
  47. Clair
  48. Shannon
  49. Pinch Hitwell
  50. Bertha
  51. Taylor
  52. Peggy
  53. Greg
  54. Captain Cori
  55. Robby
  56. Wally
  57. Gremmie
  58. Akari
  59. Sasha
  60. Ninjoy
  61. Professor Fitz
  62. Scooter
  63. Penny
  64. Hank
  65. Big Pauly
  66. Tohru
  67. Timm
  68. Prudence
  69. Santa
  70. Rita
  71. Wendy
  72. Marty
  73. Tony Solary
  74. Papa Louie


  1. Trishna
  2. Radlynn
  3. Xolo
  4. Mayor Mallow
  5. Quinn
  6. Kenji
  7. Jojo (Food Critic)


Bold means it is a closer.

  1. Trishna (Day 2) 
  2. Mayor Mallow (Day 5) 
  3. Scarlett (Rank 5)
  4. Nevada (Rank 26)
  5. Santa (Rank 56)



You can earn up to 3 tickets per day (depending on your quality ratings) to play one of 7 Foodini Minigames, with a different one available at the end of each day of the week. You can choose to use all your tickets on that day's game or save them up for a game you'd rather play more of later in the week.

There are also several Badges available from the minigames, including:

  • Game Show Contestant (play all of the minigames) +$25
  • Winner! (earn a prize) +$15
  • Skillful Contestant (earn a prize in each game) +$20
  • Big Winner (earn 20 prizes) +$30
  • Grand Prize Winner (earn at least 5 prizes in each game) +$50
  • Sharpshooter (shoot 20 flying Lettuce Larks in Saucy Shot) +$35


Basic Liners

Normal Liners!

Normal Liners

  • Liner A (Pink Vertical Stripes)
  • Liner B (Blue White Polka Dots)
  • Liner C (Yellow White Swirls)
  • Liner D (Green Horizontal Stripes)

Holiday Liners

Valentine liners

Valentines Day Liners

Valentine's Day Liners

  • Liner A (Pink/Black Plaid)
  • Liner B (Pink/Brown Stripes)
  • Liner C (White w/ Red Hearts)
  • Liner D (Cheetah Print)

Saint Paddy Day Liners

St Paddy's Day's Liners

St Paddy's Day Liner

  • Liner A (Green w/ Dark Green Shamrocks)
  • Liner B (Irish Flag Design) 
  • Liner C (Brown w/ Two Green Horizontal Lines) 
  • Liner D (Gold w/ Little White Dots) 

Easter Day Liners

Easter Day Liners!

Easter Day Liners

  • Liner A (Purple Wavy Lines w/ Yellow Dots)
  • Liner B (Grass and Dirt)                   
  • Liner C (Colorful Tulips) 
  • Liner D (Easter Bunny's Face) 

Onionfest Liners

Onionfest Liner

Onionfest Liners

  • Liner A (Sarge's Sign)
  • Liner B (Purple/Green/Brown Pokadots)   
  • Liner C (Purple Swirls) 
  • Liner D (Purple/Green Stripes) 

Summer Luau Liners

Summer Luau Liner

Summer Luau Liners

  • Liner A (White Diagonal Line w/ Yellow Background)
  • Liner B (Water Pods) 
  • Liner C (Suns) 
  • Liner D (Waters w/ Sunshine) 

Starlight Jubilee Liners

Starlight Jubilee Liners

Starlight Jubilee Liners

  • Liner A (White Stars w/ Blue Background)
  • Liner B (Red/White Stripes) 
  • Liner C (Red/Blue Stars) 
  • Liner D (Red/Blue/White Stars) 

Baseball Season Liners

Baseball Liners

Baseball Season Liners!

  • Liner A (Baseball) 
  • Liner B (Bat) 
  • Liner C (Popcorn Cup) 
  • Liner D (Batter's Sign) 

Pirate Bash Liners

Pirate bash former

Pirate Bash Liners!

  • Liner A (Pirate's Sign) 
  • Liner B (Shark) 
  • Liner C (Anchors) 
  • Liner D (Blue/Black Horizontal Stripes) 

Halloween Liners

Halloween former

Halloween Liners!

  • Liner A (Jack-O-Lantern) 
  • Liner B (BOO Sign) 
  • Liner C (Cat's Eyes) 
  • Liner D (Orange/Black Stripes) 

Thanksgiving Liners

Thanksgiving former

Thanksgiving Liners!

  • Liner A (Orange Big Diagonal Lines) 
  • Liner B (Turkey Feathers) 
  • Liner C (Orange Swirls) 
  • Liner D (Thanksgiving Dawn) 

Christmas Liners

Christmas liners

Christmas Liners!

  • Liner A (Candy Cane's Stripes) 
  • Liner B (Pine Trees) 
  • Liner C (Present's Tie) 
  • Liner D (Red/Green Dots) 

New Year Liners

New year liners

New Year Liners!

  • Liner A (White/Pink Fire)
  • Liner B (Colorful Diamonds)
  • Liner C (Colorful Tiger Fur) 
  • Liner D (Rainbow) 


All cakes





Holiday Toppings

Valentine's Day

Valentines toppings

Valentine's Day Toppings

St. Paddy's Day

St Paddy's Day Toppings!

St. Paddy's Day Toppings


Easter Day Toppings!

Easter Toppings


Onionfest Toppings

Onionfest Toppings

Summer Luau

Summer Luau Toppnigs

Summer Luau Toppings

Starlight Jubilee

Starlight jubilee toppings

Starlight Jubilee Toppings

Baseball Season

Baseball season toppings

Baseball Season Toppings

Pirate Bash

Pirate bash toppings

Pirate Bash Toppings


Halloween toppings

Halloween Toppings


Thanksgiving toppings

Thanksgiving Toppings


Christmas toppings

Christmas Toppings

New Year

New year toppings

New Year Toppings


Rank Number Rank Name Total XP (+1,800 per Rank after Rank 11) Payday increase (+$5 each rank) Unlocks
1 Newbie Start $100
2 Trainee 300


Matt, Shaved Coconut
3 Tray Cleaner 750 $110 Mitch, Marshmallows
4 Cashier 1,350 $115 Carlo Romano, Strawberry Drizzle
5 Strawberry Fan 2,100 $120 Ivy, Blueberry Cake


Blueberry Buddy

3,000 $125 Valentine's Day, Scarlett, Creameo Bits, Chocolate Strawberry


Strawberry Dipper 4,050 $130 Roy, Watermelon Drizzle
8 Valentine Fan 5,250 $135 Sue, Frosted Rose
9 Candy Heart Hero 6,600


10 Peanut Butter Fan 8,100 $145 Lisa, Vanilla Drizzle
11 Vanilla Buddy 9,750 $150 Spring, St. Paddy's Day, Georgito, Mint Bar
12 Mint Master 11,550 $155 Gino Romano, Mint Shavings
13 Pistachio Pal 13,500 $160 Skyler, Chocolate Coin
14 Shamrock Champ 15,600 $165 Zoe, Rock Candy
15 Rock Star 17,850


Doan, Violet Frosting
16 Top Froster 18,750 $175 Easter, Xandra, Bunny Ear Candy
17 Bunny Buddy 20,550 $180 Mandi, Cotton Candy Drizzle
18 Cotton Candy Fan 22,350 $185 Kingsley, Tulip Cookie
19 Egg Hunter 24,150 $190 Cletus, Carrot Cake
20 Carrot Champ 25,950 $195 Mindy, Lollipop Bits
21 Candy Crusher 27,750 $200 Onionfest, Sarge Fan, Gummy Onion
22 Gummy Buddy 29,550 $205 Rico, Sourballs
23 Sour Master 31,350 $210 Nick, Frosted Onion
24 Onion Wrangler 33,150 $215 Allan, Green Frosting
25 Green Guru 34,950 $220 Cecilia, Lemon Cake
26 Lemon Zester 36,750 $225 Summer, Summer Luau, Nevada, Paper Umbrella


Beach Buddy 38,550 $230 Clover, Honey Drizzle
28 Honey Buster 40,350 $235 Kahuna, Banana
29 Banana Fan 42,150 $240 Utah, Teal Frosting
30 Teal Hero 43,950 $245 Chuck, Cloudberry
31 Cloud Topper 45,750 $250 Starlight Jubilee, Boomer, Candy Rocket
32 Rocketeer 47,550 $255 Cooper, Silver Star Sprinkles
33 Star Master 49,350 $260 Alberto, White Chocolate Star
34 Flag Flier 51,150 $265 Clair, Red Velvet Cake
35 Velvet Fan 52,950 $270 Shannon, Dark Blue Frosting
36 Frosting Fan 54,750 $275 Baseball Season, Pinch Hitwell, Pretzel Bat
37 Prezel Batter 56,550 $280 Bertha, Butterscotch Drizzle
38 Peanut Buddy 58,350 $285 Taylor, Popcorn
39 Corn Popper 60,150 $290 Peggy, Confetti Cake
40 Confetti Champ 61,950 $295 Greg, Red Frosting
41 Red Froster 63,750 $300
42 Anchorman 65,550 $305
43 Cannon Fan 67,350 $310
44 Kraken Champ 69,150 $315
45 Zebra Striper 70,950 $320
46 Frosting Hero 72,750 $325
47 Pumpkin Carver 74,550 $330


Spooky Sprinkler 76,350 $335
49 Halloween Hero 78,150


50 Orange Fan 79,950


51 Purple Pro 81,750


52 Acorn Harvester 83,550


53 Leaf Raker 85,350


54 Cookie Champ 87,150


55 Mocha Manager 88,950


56 Sunglow Hero 90,750



Gift Giver 92,550


58 Santa Fan 94,350


59 Tree Trimmer 96,150


60 Forest Fan 97,950


61 Kiwi Juicer 99,750


62 Better Than Papa! 101,550


The rank number and payday amount continues growing after 62, but the Rank Name does not.


Burger building

This list is incomplete. Please help by adding CORRECT info to finish this list. Once the list is complete, please remove this template box. (the green puzzle piece.)


Shop Categories


Name Cost Description
Doorbell $30.00 You'll hear when new customers enter, no matter where you are
Oven Booster 1 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Oven Booster 2 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Oven Booster 3 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.
Oven Booster 4 $120.00 Hold down the booster to cook your food faster.

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