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Papa's Scooperia will be the 14th game in the Papa Louie's restaurant management series. The game was first announced on January 16, 2018. Carlo Romano and Koilee will be the workers in this game, as they were the winners of Papa's Next Chefs 2017. The game takes place in Oniontown. The winner of Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2017, Amy, makes her official debut as a customer in the game. The game is expected to release some time during the summer.

Blog Announcement

It’s official, Papa Louie’s next restaurant will be Papa’s Scooperia! We are taking two of our biggest fan-suggested foods (cookies and ice cream) and combining them into one super-delicious game! Soon you will be crafting some decadent, mouth-watering, hot-from-the-oven… Cookie Sundaes!


The workers in this game are Carlo Romano, Koilee, and the Custom Worker. The uniform consists of a white shirt with snowflakes printed on the sleeves, brown suspenders with brown trims, lavender pants and bow ties, and moccasins. The outfit is similar to Carlo Romano's regular outfit, but with different colors.


  • 06/22/17: Carlo Romano and Koilee win Papa's Next Chefs 2017 [1]
  • 11/09/17: Amy wins Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2017 [2]
  • 01/16/18: The next gameria will be…Papa’s Scooperia! [3]
  • 01/23/18: Papa’s Scooperia: Cookie Sundaes! [4]
  • 01/30/18: Papa's Scooperia: Oniontown! [5]
  • 02/06/18: Papa's Scooperia: The Workers! [6]
  • 02/13/18: Papa's Scooperia: Order Evolution![7]
  • 02/20/18: Papa's Scooperia for PC, Tablets, and Phones![8]
  • 03/01/18: Papa's Scooperia: Happy Holi!!! [9]
  • 03/08/18: Papa’s Scooperia: New Customer! [10]
  • 03/15/18: Papa’s Scooperia: The Dough Station for HD/Web [11]
  • 03/22/18: Papa's Scooperia: Specials! [12]
  • 03/29/18: Papa's Scooperia: The Bake Station! [13]
  • 04/03/18: Summertime Scooperia [14]
  • 04/10/18: Sneak Peek: Amy visits Papa’s Scooperia! [15]
  • 04/17/18: Papa's Scooperia: The Build Station! [16]

Order Evolution

When a new customer first comes in, they will order a small cookie sundae with one cookie and one scoop of ice cream. However, things change once you level up your customer to Bronze. For those that don’t know, a customer will level up to Bronze when you serve them the correct order 5 times in a row. Five more times will level up that customer to Silver, and an additional 5 more times will get them to Gold.

Once your customer is Bronze, they will start ordering a medium cookie sundae which has 2 cookies and 2 scoops of ice cream. This may also include a new topper ingredient as well. When you level up your customer to Silver, they will start ordering their fully evolved large cookie sundae, with three cookies and three scoops of ice cream.

This evolving order system will add a fun level of challenge that slowly advances alongside your sundae-crafting skills. [17]


Local Customers


According to the Flipline Blog, "Specials will always come as large 3 scoop sundaes!" [18]

Release Date

  • Papa's Scooperia will be released in the Northern Hemisphere summer, likely in June.


  • The representative Gameria color of Papa’s Scooperia is lavender.
  • According to Tony on the Flipline Forum, Papa's Scooperia will have the same holiday lineup as the HD version.
  • The graffiti visible might hold some references:
    • "14" could be referencing how Papa's Scooperia is (or rather, will be) the 14th gameria.
    • "Sarge" might be a reference to the town's name, Oniontown, and the fact that Sarge is an onion.


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