Papa's Burgeria is the second game in the Papa Louie's restaurant management series that was released by Flipline Studios on December 6, 2010. Marty and Rita are the default workers in the game, but depending on what site hosts the game, Papa Louie is a third option for a chef at the burgeria.


Cook, stack and serve burgers to all your crazy customers!

If a Pizzeria serves pizzas, then naturally a Burgeria would serve burgers. However, Papa's Burgeria will make any delicious hamburger or cheeseburger to order, and it just so happens his customers are as picky as they come.

In this frantic sequel to Papa's Pizzeria, you play as either Marty or Rita, cooking, building, and serving the craziest burgers in town. Work up the ranks and become a paddy flipping master. New to the series is the Upgrade Shop, where you can buy furniture, posters, and tools to build the very best burgers.


Papa's Burgeria Intro-0

Papa's Burgeria Intro-0


Marty/Rita receives a golden ticket in the mail, with a map requesting that he "meet here for the prize" signed by Papa Louie. He/she follows the directions until he/she finds the Burgeria, with Roy and Papa Louie standing outside. Papa Louie tells him/her they have won the Burgeria, and are excited until he shows him/her their new Burgeria worker's uniform, much to his/her dismay.

New Gameria Features

  • Upgrades for your shop are introduced.
  • Tips can now be spent at upgrades and posters for the lobby.
  • Customer points are introduced, which replace tips in order to rank up.


Customer Debuts





Rank Number Rank Name Total XP Unlocks
1 Newbie Start/0
2 Trainee 300 Akari
3 Cashier 750 Big Pauly
4 Burger Builder 1350 Alberto
5 Part-Time Cook 2100 Mandi
6 Grill Cook 3000 Kingsley
7 Sandwich Artist 4050 Mitch
8 Line Cook 5250 Tony
9 Head Cook 6600 Clair
10 Ticket Handler 8100 Carlo Romano
11 Tray Cleaner 9750 Doan
12 Patty Flipper 11550 Peggy
13 Order Attendant 13500 Lisa
14 Sandwich Builder 15600 Sasha
15 Burger Stacker 17850 Matt
16 Beef Griller 20250 Clover
17 Burger Topper 22800 Cletus
18 Tip Wrangler 25500 Cooper
19 Lettuce Lover 28350 Kayla
20 Tomato Pro 31350 Sue
21 Onion Wrangler 34500 Connor
22 Cheese Champ 37800 Franco
23 Pickle Pro 41250 Hugo
24 Master Of Mayo 44850 Tohru
25 BBQ Saucer 48600 Maggie
26 Ketchup Fan 52500 James
27 Mustard Master 56550 Mindy
28 Bun Slicer 60750 Gino Romano
29 Burger Pro 65100 Edna
30 Patty Presser 69600 Mary
31 Grease Griller 74250 Cecilia
32 Grill Expert 79050 Greg
33 Build Master 84000 Sarge Fan!
34 Burger Lover 89100 Timm
35 Spatula Pro 94350 Vicky
36 Meat Lover 99750 Bruna Romano
37 Top Topper 105300 Olga
38 Burger Master 111000 Little Edoardo
39 Part-Time Manager 116800 Roy
40 Burgeria Manager 122850
41 Master of Burgers 129000
42 Ultimate Cook 135300
43 Roy's Replacement 141750
44 Better Than Papa! 138350

Upgrade Store

  • Romano Poster - Improves Wait Score & Romano Tips - $9.99
  • Sauce Poster - Improves Wait Score - $5.99
  • Veggie Poster - Improves Wait Score - $6.50
  • Pizzeria Poster - Improves Wait Score - $8.00
  • Mochi Poster - Improves Wait Score - $10.00
  • Cheese Poster - Improves Wait Score - $20.00
  • Burger Poster - Improves Wait Score - $20.00
  • SNJ Poster - Improves Wait Score - $30.00
  • Patty Poster - Improves Wait Score - $20.00
  • Kingsley Poster - Improves Wait Score - $15.00
  • TV - Improves Wait Score - $150.00
  • Newspaper Stand - Improves Wait Score - $80.00
  • Arcade Cabinet - Improves Wait Score - $400.00
  • Gumball Machine - Improves Wait Score - $120.00
  • Jukebox - Improves Wait Score - $500.00
  • Coffee Stand - Improves Wait Score - $65.00
  • Doorbell - Alert When Customers Enter - $30.00
  • Heat Lamp - Keep Patties Warm - $200.00
  • Medium Timers - Alerts for Medium (Yellow) Burgers - $200.00
  • Rare Timers - Alerts for Rare (Blue) Burgers - $200.00
  • Well-Done Timers - Alerts for Well-Done (Red) Burgers - $200.00

Mini-games Representing Papa's Burgeria

There are three burger-themed mini games that will win you prizes related to the Burgeria:


  • The representative gameria color of Papa's Burgeria is blue.
  • This is the first Papa Louie game to have new Gameria features.
  • This game has 9 order spaces. However, only 7 of them are used as building spaces.
Papa's Burgeria glitches

Top: An un-servable customer. Bottom: The odd black screen.

  • There are four glitches involving the Build Station that, upon occurring, will ruin the level in a way and force the player to quit the day, sacrificing the progress they made.
    • The first occurs should the player place an order ticket on the slot on the tray after they place the top burger bun really fast: if they place the ticket fast enough, the ticket will be placed there, yet the tray isn't taken to the customer, leaving a 'stuck' tray. In order to get rid of it, the player has to place another order ticket to make up for the lost one. This thus leaves a customer in the lobby who hasn't been served due to their wasted ticket, and cannot be, leaving an un-servable customer and requiring the player to quit.

A glitch where the customer and stations disappear.

  • The second glitch occurs slightly differently. If the player places a ticket on a ready tray quickly and then adds another quickly, the tray will be taken away from the customer as they are getting it and the game strangely goes to an un-escapable black screen, requiring the player to quit.
    • The third glitch is if the player drags an order ticket to the tray and, during the drum roll, presses pause and then selects the quit button, it will go back to the screen when the customer is being served, only the customer, the stations and the pause button are missing, forcing the player to quit the page altogether.
    • The fourth glitch occurs similarly to the first glitch but differently. Follow the steps in the first glitch to create a "stuck" tray. All the control buttons except for the Menu station will not work. By clicking on the Menu station and then quitting the game will bring you back to the build station, but all the toppings and controls disappear, forcing the player to quit the page.
      Build station no controls

      The fourth glitch.

  • This game has 2 app versions: Burgeria HD and Burgeria To Go! available for Apple and Android devices.
  • The trees in this game looks like top buns.
  • The trees outside the shop seem to have pickles hanging from them.
  • It's very rare to get a perfect order (with all the station scores getting 100%), even if the burger was made perfectly.
  • James is the only customer to order only patties on his burger. In the HD and To Go versions, he orders bacon and eggs with his burgers.
  • Little Edoardo is the only customer to order patties with all three different grilling times - rare, medium and well-done.
  • This is the first Gameria where an item has to be kept warm in order to receive a good score.



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