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029 Nick





Flipdeck Card Number

029 [1]

Attitude as a Customer




Papa's Freezeria

Favorite Holiday

Onionfest (Cupcakeria)
Gondola 500 (Pastaria)

Nick is a customer that first appeared in Papa's Taco Mia!. He, Greg, ConnorPinch Hitwell, and Nevada have freckles. He is always seen with a life-jacket. He has a new look in Pastaria. 

Flipdeck Info

On his free days, Nick enjoys kayaking and whitewater rafting with his buddy Mitch. Although Nick is a pro on the rapids, out of water he can be rather clumsy. To cut down on the bumps and bruises, Nick started wearing his life-vest and helmet when walking around town. He may get some strange looks, but better safe than sorry!


Nick wears a helmet which covers up his black hair, He has freckles and wears a blue T-shirt a lifejacket on. His shoes are a normal all-brown pair.

In Pancakeria, his eyes changed from Asian/Japanese eyes to normal oval eyes.


Papa's Taco Mia!

  • Pita
  • Pork
  • Hot sauce
  • White Rice
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes

Papa's Pancakeria

  • French Toast
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Maple Syrup
  • French Toast
  • 4 Butter
  • Maple Syrup
  • Drink
    • Large Orange Juice in Large Cup with Ice

Papa's Wingeria

  • 3 Spicy Garlic Shrimps
  • 8 Medium Wings
  • Mango Chilli Dip (x1)
  • Ranch Dip (x2)

Papa's Hot Doggeria

  • Kielbasa in aPretzel Bun
  • Mustard
  • Ballpark Mustard
  • Onions
  • Tomato
  • Sport Pepper
  • Tomato
  • Drink and Popcorn:
    • Medium Purple Burple
    • Medium Cheddar Corn

Papa's Burgeria HD (iPad)

  • Bottom Bun
  • Rare Patty 
  • Pepperjack Cheese
  • Onion Ring
  • Pickle
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Top Bun

Papa's Cupcakeria

  • Liner C
  • Carrot Cake
  • Cupcake 1:
    • Violet Frosting
    • Vanilla Drizzle
    • Gummy Onion (No other toppings in other holidays)
    • Frosted Onion (Mashmallow in other holidays)
    • Gummy Onion (No other toppings in other holidays)
  • Cupcake 2:
    • White Frosting
    • Sourballs (Rainbow Sprinkles in other holidays)
    • Rock Candy
    • Frosted Onion (No other toppings in other holidays)
    • Sarge Gobstopper (Cherry in other holidays)
    • Frosted Onion (No other toppings in other holidays)

Papa's Freezeria HD

  • Large Cup
  • Kiwi
  • Blue Moon
  • Regular Blend
  • Whipped Cream
  • Blueberry Syrup
  • Coconut Shavings
  • Tropical Charms
  • Cloudberry, Waffle Cone Wedge, Cloudberry

Papa's Pastaria

  • Al-Dente Mafaldine (Macaroni in other holidays)
  • Hurry Curry (Creamy Alfredo Sauce in other holidays)
  • Garlic Rush (Crushida Pepper in other holidays)
  • 4 Shrimps
  • 5 Sausages
  • Poppyseed Roll

Papa's Freezeria To Go!

  • Medium Cup
  • Kiwis
  • Blue Moon Syrup
  • Regular Blend
  • Maui Meringue
  • White Chocolate Syrup
  • Tropical Charms
  • Cloudberry, Waffle Cone Wedge, Cloudberry

Unlockable toppings along with him

  • In Taco Mia!, he is unlocked along with Pork.
  • In Hot Doggeria, he is unlocked along with Pretzel.
  • In Cupcakeria, he is unlocked along with Frosted Onion.
  • In Pastaria, he is unlocked along with Hurry Curry.
  • In Freezeria To Go!, he is unlocked with Maui Meringue.

Ranks needed to unlock him

  • Papa's Taco Mia!: Rank 8
  • Papa's Pancakeria: He appears as a time customer (a customer who is unlocked if you don't manage to go up a rank after you reach Rank 2 - The earliest he has been unlocked at)
  • Papa's Wingeria: Rank 34 (The latest he has been unlocked at)
  • Papa's Hot Doggeria: Rank 17
  • Papa's Cupcakeria: Rank 23

Papa's Next Chefs

Like the rest of the obese people, he didn't compete because of his obesity.


  • He and Georgito are the only Taco Mia! newcomers to be absent in one game
  • He is the only customer to debut in a game and then to be absent in the next game, which he debuted in Papa's Taco Mia! and was absent in Papa's Freezeria.
  • He is the only chubby customer to have freckles.
  • After the Papa's Next Chefs 2011, he was not in the two follow-ups.
  • His eyes have a resemblance of an Asian person, which most people think.
  • Nick might be filling in for Deano during Gondola 500.


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