Mousse is a male customer who made his first appearance as a Closer in Papa's Scooperia, Papa's Scooperia HD, and Papa's Scooperia To Go!


Mousse is dressed in an outfit consisting mostly of brown and yellow clothes. He has blonde hair, and he wears a large brown hat with a white rim and sunglasses. He wears a two-toned, brown striped turtleneck sweater underneath a darker brown vest with white trim, a gold necklace, a white belt with a gold buckle, brown pants that cover half of his body, and brown shoes with lighter brown accents, black soles, and yellow laces.

Style B

Mousse wears a black turtleneck sweater underneath a long brown coat with gold buttons and lighter brown fur on the collar and cuffs, black gloves, and two-toned, brown checkered pants.


Papa's Scooperia/HD

As a Closer, Mousse's orders change with the holidays. 1 mousse

Papa's Scooperia To Go!

"Where's my order!?"

No order

Mousse's Gameria order is missing! Please add the correct written orders and then remove this template box.

Papa's Pancakeria To Go!

"Where's my order!?"

No order

Mousse's Gameria order is missing! Please add the correct written orders and then remove this template box.


Papa's Scooperia

Sticker Number Name Achievement Sticker Earned
88 Wasteful Worker Throw away 10 raw cookie dough balls in one day 089 - Wasteful Worker
60 Cookies and Cream Serve a Stracciatella special to Quinn 085 - Stubborn Plumber
49 Successful Specials Earn 3 Special Stars when serving Today's Special 068 - Lisa Loco


  • Mousse is named after a soft dessert that prepared by using air bubbles, giving it a light and airy texture.


Fan Art

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