Mini Game - Mitch's Mess
Mitch's Mess Full

The original layout

Mitch's Mess

The layout in Cheeseria and Bakeria

Mitch's Mess is a minigame that appears after many of Papa Louie's restaurant-time management games and was first introduced in Papa's Hot Doggeria. The player has to try to find specific items in a picture before time runs out. If a player clicks on 3 incorrect items, they are out.

Tips & Tricks

  • The layout is always the same, but the items to find change every time, whether you win or not.
  • Try memorizing these pictures on the right to help with finding items easier!
  • Saving many tickets together, then playing many rounds in a row makes it easier to recall where the items are, rather than many individual plays each time around.

Things to Collect

  1. The order pad
  2. Steel from Jacksmith
  3. Cheese Cube
  4. Candy Creameo
  5. Copper from Jacksmith
  6. Mild Sauce
  7. Powdered Sugar from Pancakeria
  8. Bronze from Jacksmith
  9. Pickle
  10. Cactus McCoy's Toy
  11. Verde Sauce
  12. Knife
  13. Carrot
  14. Plant
  15. Burger
  16. Nacho Sauce
  17. Gold from Jacksmith
  18. Banana
  19. Cayenne Powder
  20. Cactus
  21. Cactus monster from Hot Shot
  22. Jack-O-Lantern Sticker
  23. Gummy Onion
  24. Sour Cream
  25. Pencil
  26. Guacamole
  27. Spatula
  28. Foodini's Hat
  29. Baseball Bat
  30. Guitar
  31. Chicken Wing
  32. Tiki from Freezeria
  33. Crystal from Jacksmith
  34. Cherry
  35. Power Ball from Cactus McCoy 2
  36. Cinnamon Powder from Pancakeria
  37. Spoon
  38. Bacon
  39. Jack-O-Lantern
  40. Loco Mystery Sauce
  41. Creameo
  42. Red Pepper
  43. Sherriff Badge
  44. Pinto Bean from Hot Shot
  45. Steak
  46. Chilifeathers from Hot Shot
  47. Dart
  48. Habandito from Hot Shot
  49. Hot Sauce
  50. Egg
  51. Blue Marker
  52. Iron from Jacksmith
  53. French Fry
  54. Pump from Jacksmith
  55. Raspberry
  56. Celery
  57. Crushida Pepper
  58. Gem from Jacksmith
  59. Tips Jar
  60. Tomato wedge
  61. Cookie
  62. Hot Dog
  63. Pan
  64. A Tray
  65. Whipped Cream
  66. Green Pepper
  67. Order Place
  68. Taco
  69. Sport Pepper
  70. Yum 'n' Ms
  71. Candy
  72. Onion Ring
  73. Milk Bottle
  74. Cappuccino
  75. 6 or 5 pieces of Cheese Popcorn (amount depend on layout)

Papa's Hot Doggeria Prizes

  1. Hardshells Hat Hat
  2. TacodaleMia Small Taco Table Improves Waiting Score
  3. TacodaleMia Black Tile Floor Flooring
  4. Hardshells Jersey Shirt
  5. TacodaleMia Taco Fence Improves Waiting Score
  6. TacodaleMia Taco Mia Poster Improves Waiting Score
  7. TacodaleMia Medium Taco Table Improves Waiting Score
  8. TacodaleMia Taco Mia Wall Wallpaper
  9. Biker Helmet Hat
  10. TacodaleMia Hardshells Poster Improves Waiting Score
  11. TacodaleMia Large Taco Table Improves Waiting Score
  12. Biker Jacket Jacket
  13. Hardshells Bottoms Pants
  14. TacodaleMia Taco-Eating Trophy Improves Waiting Score

Papa's Cupcakeria Prizes

  1. Onionfest icon Purple Dot Wall Wallpaper
  2. Winter Parka Jacket
  3. Onionfest icon Purple Planks Flooring
  4. Onionfest icon Onionfest Poster Waiting Bonus
  5. Rose-Colored Glasses Face Accessory
  6. Onionfest icon Onion Velvet Rope Waiting Bonus
  7. Fancy Shoes Shoes
  8. McCoy Shirt Shirt
  9. Thanksgiving icon Log Cabin Wall Wallpaper
  10. Green Belt Belt Accessory
  11. Orange Pants/Khaki Pants Pants
  12. Viking Helmet Hat
  13. New year icon Circle Floor Flooring
  14. New year icon Comic Books Waiting Bonus

Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes

  1. TacodaleMia Surfboard Poster
  2. Fireman Pants
  3. TacodaleMia Black Tile Floor
Burger building

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Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Pastaria Prizes

  1. Sluau icon Tropical Shirt Shirt
  2. Sluau icon Teal Bottoms Pants
  3. Sluau icon Luau Overshirt Jacket
  4. Buffaloes Hat Hat
  5. Viking Helmet Hat
  6. Sizzlers Hat Hat
  7. Fancy Shoes Shoes
  8. Chilifest icon Chili Stripe Wall Wallpaper
  9. Chilifest icon Wood Planks Flooring
  10. Thanksgiving icon Corn Stalks Waiting Bonus
  11. Thanksgiving icon Log Cabin Wall Wallpaper
  12. Thanksgiving icon Circle Floor Flooring
  13. New year icon3 Comic Books Waiting Bonus
  14. Starlightjubilee icon Jubilee Poster Waiting Bonus

Papa's Donuteria Prizes

  1. New year icon2 Blue Moon Poster Blue Moon Drizzle Bonus
  2. Easter icon Blue Polkadot Floor Flooring
  3. Thanksgiving icon Orange Dress Shirt Shirt
  4. Halloween icon Small Halloween Table Waiting Bonus
  5. Easter icon Easter Glass Block Waiting Bonus
  6. Thanksgiving icon Multigrain Wall Wallpaper
  7. Vday icon Studded Belt Accessory
  8. Stpaddy icon2 Md. Shamrock Table Waiting Bonus
  9. Halloween icon Halloween Poster Waiting Bonus
  10. New year icon2 Stache Lamp Waiting Bonus
  11. Easter icon Lab Coat Jacket
  12. Vday icon Valentine's Poster
  13. Viking Helmet Hat


  • Bronze The Great Onion
  • Silver Rowdy Rico Game
  • Gold Palm Tree

Papa's Donuteria Prize Gallery

Papa's Cheeseria Prizes

  1. Logo Cap (Turkey) Hat
  2. Vday icon Ham Poster Sliced Ham Bonus
  3. Stripe Scarf (White-Green) Extras
  4. Sluau icon Planter Box Waiting Bonus
  5. Basketball Jersey Jacket
  6. CincodeMayo icon Cobblestone Floor Flooring
  7. Long Armwarmers Accessory
  8. New year icon2 Cheddar Poster Cheddar Topping Bonus
  9. Wristwatch Accessory
  10. Vday icon Pink Zag Wall Wallpaper
  11. Trenchcoat Jacket
  12. Thanksgiving icon Large Harvest Table Waiting Bonus
  13. Viking Helmet Hat


  • Bronze Anchovy Gum Waiting Bonus
  • Silver Jolly Roger Flag Waiting Bonus
  • Gold Jacksmith Arcade Waiting Bonus

Papa's Cheeseria Prize Gallery

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! Prizes

  1. M Mango Gum
  2. Stpaddy icon2 Hanging Plant
  3. Christmas icon2 Lg. Christmas Table
  4. New Year 4 Lamppost
  5. Terra Cotta
  6. BigTopCarnival icon Md. Carnival Table
  7. Shrimp Sign
  8. Thanksgiving icon Nutty Poster
  9. Purple Print
  10. Thanksgiving icon Md. Harvest Table
  11. Sluau icon Luau Poster
  12. CometCon icon Asteroid Craters
  13. CometCon icon Hyper Saucer


  • Bronze Lg. Chili Crate
  • Silver Lg. Baseball Table

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prizes

  1. Vday icon Valentine's Poster
  2. Blue Sweatbands
  3. Easter icon Easter Bottoms
  4. Batters Hat
  5. Easter icon Sm. Easter Table
  6. Vday icon Pink Stripe Polo
  7. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Cobblestone Floor
  8. Easter icon Easter Vest
  9. Easter icon Easter Glass Block
  10. Vday icon Pink Zag Wall
  11. Eyepatch
  12. Maple Mornings icon Chocolate Gum
  13. Jojo Beret


  • Bronze The Great Onion

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Bakeria Prizes

  1. Easter icon Easter Poster Waiting Bonus
  2. Casual Sweater Shirt
  3. Grōōvstock icon Medium Groov Trunk Waiting Bonus
  4. Fingerless Gloves Arms
  5. Sluau icon Teal Stripe Wall Wallpaper
  6. Vday icon Valentine Balloons Waiting Bonus
  7. Checkered Belt Belt
  8. Christmas icon Red Floor Flooring
  9. Bandana Hat
  10. Sluau icon Pineapple Poster Pineapple Bonus
  11. Winter Parka Jacket
  12. Gladiator Helmet Hat
  13. Stylish Smartwatch Arms


  • Bronze The Great Onion
  • Silver Pile of Tires
  • Gold Palm Tree

Papa's Taco Mia HD Prizes

  1. Khaki Cadet Cap
  2. Vday icon White Rice Poster
  3. Vday icon Pink Stripe Polo
  4. Thanksgiving icon Corn Stalks
  5. Christmas icon Snow Floor
  6. Thanksgiving icon Brown Flat Cap
  7. Easter icon Easter Poster
  8. Easter icon Pinstripe Bottoms
  9. Onion Knit Hat
  10. Easter icon Treats Cooler
  11. Sluau icon Sunset Wall
  12. Red Waywards
  13. Royal Crown

Bonus Prize:

  • Bronze Drum Set

Papa's Taco Mia HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Sushiria Prizes

  1. Maple Mornings icon Wood Grain Wall
  2. Vday icon Flannel Shirt
  3. Thanksgiving icon Autumn Tree
  4. Vday icon Waywards
  5. New year icon2 New Year Poster
  6. Trenchcoat
  7. Black Carpet
  8. Thanksgiving icon Stitched Moccasins
  9. Halloween icon Med. Halloween Table
  10. Plain Pants
  11. Vday icon Vase of Roses
  12. Polka Dotted Bucket Hat
  13. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Large Lantern


  • Bronze Med. Groov Trunk

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prizes

  1. BigTopCarnival icon2 Taffy Machine
  2. Maple Mornings icon Lg. Waffle Table
  3. New year icon2 New Year Poster
  4. Md. Comet Table
  5. Vday icon Pink Stripes
  6. Sm. Foodini Table
  7. Christmas icon2 Candy Cane Gum
  8. New year icon2 Lamppost
  9. Great Onion
  10. Halloween icon Orange Stripes
  11. Md. Racing Table
  12. BavariaFest icon2 Spicy Poster
  13. Record Shop


  • Bronze Chain Link Fence
  • Silver Baseball Lamp
  • Gold Romano Portrait

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prize Gallery

Papa's Pancakeria HD Prizes

  1. Beanie
  2. Starlightjubilee icon2 Blueberry Poster
  3. ?
  4. Grōōvstock icon Md. Groove Table
  5. Solid Scarf
  6. Vday icon Pink Zag Wall
  7. Classic Vest
  8. Grōōvstock icon Chai Reverb Gum
  9. Open Round Belt
  10. Wild Stripe Pants
  11. CincodeMayo icon Cobblestone Floor
  12. Stpaddy icon2 Pot O' Gold


  • Bronze Sm. Maple Table
  • Silver
  • Gold

Papa's Pancakeria HD Prizes gallery

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes

  1. Vday icon Valentine Block Wall
  2. Two-Tone Henley
  3. Dunkle Fizzo
  4. Plain Jacket
  5. Thanksgiving icon Walnut Floor
  6. Thanksgiving icon Pumpkin Pie Gum
  7. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Bacon Poster
  8. Side Stripe Pants
  9. Starlight BBQ icon Lg. Starlight Table
  10. Stripe Belt
  11. Eye Patch
  12. Starlight BBQ icon Starlight Poster
  13. Headphones


  • Md. Feast Table

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes

  • Thanksgiving icon Pumpkin Pie Gum
  • Tote Bag
  • Buttery Poster
  • Blue Brick Wall
  • Color Block Tank
  • Crushers Poster
  • Blue Flag

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! Prizes

  1. CincodeMayo icon3 Cinco Poster
  2. Stpaddy icon2 Sm. Shamrock Table
  3. Maple Mornings icon Log Cabin
  4. Halloween icon Md. Halloween Table
  5. Grōōvstock icon Chai Reverb Gum
  6. Lg. Pirate Table
  7. Easter icon Easter Poster
  8. Foodini Balloons
  9. Thanksgiving icon Hardshell Wall
  10. Jojo Poster
  11. Lg. Comet Table
  12. Golden Tiles
  13. Christmas icon2 Christmas Fireplace


  • Bronze Baseball Lamp

Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! Prizes Gallery


  • All ores from Jacksmith appear in this game.
  • The "Cookie Clickin'" sticker is earned by clicking on the three cookie items (chocolate chip cookie, Creameo, and Candy Creameo), whether the items need to be found to win the game or not.