Papa's Freezeria - Marshmallows
Marshmallow is an ingredient used in various Papa Louie restaurant-time management games.

In Papa's Freezeria/HD/To Go!, Marshmallows are unlocked with Edna on Rank 7 (Freezeria) and Rank 8 (To Go!/HD), appearing as one of the mixables. The badge "S'mores" is given when you serve 30 sundaes with Marshmallows.

In Papa's Cupcakeria, Marshmallow is unlocked on Rank 3 with Mitch. The badge "Flufftastic" is given when you serve 30 cupcakes with marshmallows.

In Papa's Donuteria, Mini Mallows, small marshmallows in a shaker, is unlocked with Akari in Rank 2. The badge "Flufftastic" is given when you serve 30 orders with Mini Mallows.

In Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! and HD, it is a standard topping available at the start of the game.

In Papa's Bakeria, Marshmallow Filling is one of twenty standard pie fillings, unlocked with Edna upon reaching Rank 20.

Customers who order this (Freezeria)


Marshmallow icon in Papa's Freezeria.

Customers who order this (Cupcakeria)


Customers who order this (Freezeria HD)


Customers who order this (Freezeria To Go!)

Customers who order this (Donuteria)

Papa's Donuteria - Mini Mallows

Customers who order this (Cupcakeria To Go!)

Customers who order this (Cupcakeria HD)

Customers who order this (Bakeria)

Unlocking marshmallow filling

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Bakeria


  • The marshmallow shaker container in Papa's Donuteria has a similar design to Mayor Mallow's clothing.
  • Sticker 86 in Papa's Bakeria (Roasted Marshmallows) allows you to leave three Marshmallow Pies in the oven at the end of the day.
  • According to her flipdeck, Edna loves Marshmallows.

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