Unlocking marinara sauce
Marinara Sauce is an ingredient found in various Papa Louie's games.

In Papa's Hot Doggeria, it is unlocked with Zoe on Rank 7. The badge "Saucy Dogs" is awarded when a player adds it to 30 hot dogs.

In Papa's Pastaria, it is referred to as Papa's Marinara Sauce and used as a pasta sauce. It is one of two pasta sauces available at the start of the game. The badge "Papa's Recipe" is awarded when 30 orders are served with Marinara Sauce.

In Papa's Cheeseria, Marinara Sauce is a seasonal sauce during the Portallini Feast and is unlocked on Day 4 of this holiday.

In Papa's Pizzeria HD, Classic Marinara is a standard pizza sauce available at the start of the game.

Customers who order this (Hot Doggeria)

Marinara sauce

Customers who order this (Pastaria)

Marinara sauce

Papa´s Marinara Sauce

Customers who order this (Cheeseria)


Customers who order this (Pizzeria HD)

Classic Marinara

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Pizzeria HD:


  • Marinara sauce is a tomato-based sauce that is made with tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions, with other spices and vegetables added as well (like olives, capers).
  • Pinch Hitwell is the only closer to order this in Papa's Hot Doggeria.
  • Radlynn is the only closer to order this in Papa's Pastaria.

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