Maple Shot (Logo)
Maple Shot is a Mini-Game that is played after a day is completed in Papa's Pastaria and Papa's Wingeria HD. The targets include Sliders from Slider Scouts and different baddies from Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! The weapon used in this game is a bottle of Maple Syrup.


Papa's Pastaria Prizes

  1. RomanoWedding icon Parmesan Poster
  2. Captain Hat
  3. Chilifest icon Leather Jacket
  4. Gondola500 icon Gondoliers Poster
  5. New year icon Black Bottoms
  6. RomanoWedding icon Blue Diamond Wall
  7. Gondola500 icon Gondola Glass Block
  8. Vday icon Valentine Jacket
  9. RomanoWedding icon Blue Polkadot Floor
  10. Red Necktie
  11. Vday icon Pink Plaid Shirt
  12. Christmas icon Christmas Wall
  13. Batters Hat
  14. RomanoWedding icon Treats Cooler

Papa's Pastaria Prizes Gallery

Papa's Wingeria HD Prizes

  • Md. Pizzeria Table
Burger building

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Papa's Wingeria HD Prizes Gallery


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