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The Logo

Jojo's Burger Slots or Jojo's Burger Matchis a minigame in Papa's Pancakeria. The player must try to match correctly all three burger ingredients given by Jojo by trying to click at the time you think it's gonna be the sauce/topping you want. In Papa's Burgeria HD and Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!, it is known as Jojo's Burger Match.  

Papa's Pancakeria Prizes

  1. Burgerzilla Poster 
  2. Patty Poster
  3. Burgeria Poster
  4. Burgeria Wall
  5. Small Burger Table
  6. Burger Block Wall 
  7. Burger Break Wall
  8. Medium Burger Table
  9. Burger Block Windows
  10. Striped Carpet
  11. Large Burger Table
  12. Barbecue Gum 
  13. Blue Tile
  14. Jumbo Burger

Papa's Pancakeria Prize Gallery

Papa's Cupcakeria To Go! Prizes

  1. Foodini Balloons
  2. Easter icon Pink Poster
  3. Easter icon Sm. Easter Table
  4. Jojo Poster
  5. Red Tile Lobby
  6. M Md. Cinco Table
  7. Vday icon Valentine Poster
  8. New Year 4 Rainblow Gum
Burger building

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Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prizes

  1. Thanksgiving icon Sm. Harvest Table
  2. Cactus
  3. BigTopCarnival icon White Rice Poster
  4. Foodini Theme
  5. Vday icon Md. Heart Table
  6. Checkered Wall
  7. Halloween icon Licorice Gum
  8. BavariaFest icon2 Pretzel Stand
  9. Sm. Sugarplex Table
  10. BavariaFest icon2 Blockmalz Candy
  11. Md Groov Trunk

Papa's Taco Mia To Go! Prize Gallery

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