These are the epic shield designs that you can get randomly after defeating all the enemies on the battles. Shields are only used by The Martello Flock.

  • SH-03: Heatshield
    • Gold Box Shield
    • Paint #PD-4
    • Crest #TF-9
  • SH-04: Jolly Roger
    • Iron Box Shield 
    • Paint #PS-21
    • Crest #TS-23
  • SH-07: Clovershield
    • Gold Round Shield
    • Paint #PF-7
    • Crest #TX-25
  • SH-08: Oscillator
    • Steel Round Shield
    • Paint #PI-10
    • Crest #TA-16
  • SH-09: Stormcrest
    • Iron Round Shield
    • Paint #PL-17
    • Crest #TL-18
  • SH-11: Duskbreaker
    • Crystal Pointed Shield
    • Paint #PA-15
    • Crest #TS-22
  • SH-12: Sunshield
    • Gold Pointed Shield
    • Paint #PF-6
    • Crest #TF-8
  • SH-13: Peacebringer
    • Steel Pointed Shield
    • Paint #PL-23
    • Crest #TE-20
  • SH-14: Spade Defense
    • Iron Pointed Shield
    • Paint #PW-8
    • Crest #TD-5

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