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Gender Female
Occupation: n/a
First Appearance Papa's Freezeria
Flipdeck Card Number: n/a
Known Relatives: n/a
Favorite Holiday New Year (Cupcakeria, Donuteria)
Neptune's Feast (Pastaria)
Closer n/a

Ivy is a female customer who made her first appearance in Papa's Freezeria.


She has orange hair in a high bun, wears a teal scarf around her neck and a black and white polka dotted dress.


Papa's Freezeria

  • Small Cup
  • Strawberries
  • Banana Syrup
  • Regular Blend
  • Whipped Cream
  • Nuts
  • 3 Bananas
  • Cookie, Cherry

Papa's Pancakeria

  • Pecan Waffle
  • Blueberry Syrup
  • 4 Bananas
  • 1 Strawberry
  • Drink:
    • Large Tea with Ice

Papa's Burgeria HD

  • Bottom Bun
  • Pickle
  • Mustard
  • Medium Patty
  • Bacon
  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Lettuce
  • Top Bun

Papa's Wingeria

  • 6 Teriyaki Boneless Wings
  • 2 Medium Wings
  • 2 Green Peppers
  • 2 Carrots
  • Ranch Dip

Papa's Hot Doggeria

  • Kielbasa in a Pumpernickel Roll
  • Papa's Ballpark Mustard
  • Relish
  • Cheese
  • Bacon
  • Drink and Popcorn:
    • Large Lemon Mist
    • Small Chocolate Corn

Papa's Cupcakeria  

  • Liner B
  • Blueberry Cake
  • Cupcake 1:
    • Pink Frosting
    • Flavor X Drizzle (Strawberry Drizzle in other holidays)
    • Lollipop Bits
    • Marshmallow (No other toppings in other holidays)
    • Candle (Marshmallow in other holidays)
    • Marshmallow (No other toppings in other holidays)
  • Cupcake 2:
    • White Frosting
    • Chocolate Chips
    • Stache Sprinkles (No other sprinkles in other holidays)
    • Cherry (No other toppings in other holidays)
    • New Year Topper (Cherry in other holidays)
    • Cherry (No other toppings in other holidays)

Papa's Freezeria HD

  • Same as Freezeria

Papa's Pastaria

  • Regular Spaghetti
  • Venetian Vongole (Three Cheese Sauce in other holidays)
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Creole Rub (No other toppings in other holidays)
  • 5 Mushrooms
  • 4 Anchovies (Prosciutto in other holidays)
  • Focaccia

Papa's Freezeria To Go!

  • Small Cup
  • Strawberries
  • Huckleberry Syrup
  • Chunky Blend
  • Whipped Cream
  • Nuts
  • Banana, Waffle Cone Wedge, Banana
  • Cherry

Papa's Donuteria

  • Chocolate Ring Donut
    • Midnight Powder (Cinnamon Sugar in other holidays)
    • Countdown Crunch (Creameo Bits in other holidays)
    • Rainbow Sprinkles
  • Regular Ring Donut with Blueberry Custard
    • Sky Blue Icing
    • Flavor X Drizzle (Banana in other holidays)
  • Chocolate Infinity Loop Donut with Chocolate Mousse (French Cruller in other holidays)
    • Cinnamon Sugar
    • Crushed Peanuts

Papa's Wingeria HD

  • 6 Teriyaki Boneless Wings
  • 2 Medium Tofu Skewers
  • 2 Curly Fries
  • 2 Carrots
  • Ranch

Papa's Pizzeria To Go!

  • 6 Prosciutto slices (bottom)
  • 6 Red Peppers (right)
  • 4 Anchovies (top left half)
  • Regular bake
  • 6 pieces

Unlockable items along with her

  • In Papa's Pancakeria, she is unlocked with Ice
  • In Papa's Hot Doggeria, she is unlocked with Pumpernickel Roll
  • In Papa's Cupcakeria, she is unlocked with Blueberry Cake
  • In Papa's Freezeria To Go!, she is unlocked with Waffle Cone Wedges
  • In Papa's Donuteria, she is unlocked with Midnight Powder

Papa's Next Chefs

  • 2011: She lost to Tohru and with Franco.
  • 2012: She won to Edna and with Connor, but lost to Clover and with Connor. She and Connor were placed 2nd in the Division.
  • 2013: She won to Sasha and with Johnny, but lost to Utah and lost with Johnny. She and Johnny were placed 2nd in the Division.
  • 2014: She lost to Tohru and lost with Connor being the second time she lost to Tohru and being eliminated in the first round.


  • In Freezeria, she shares almost the same order with Kahuna, the only difference being cup size (Ivy having a small cup, while Kahuna has a large cup).
  • She has lost to Tohru twice in the PNC.
  • Her hair bun is similar to Edna's.
  • She seems to like bananas beacuse she orders them very often.
  • She is currently the only Customer to debut in Freezeria and not have a Flipdeck.


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