Mini Game - Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby is a mini game in Papa's Hot Doggeria, Papa's Freezeria HD, Papa's Pastaria, Papa's Sushiria, Papa's Pancakeria HD, Papa's Hot Doggeria HD, and Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go!. A pitcher throws a baseball, and the player has to click at the right timing to hit the ball and score a home run to win a prize. You can see the Doggeria in the background. The ball gets faster each play.
Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby

Papa's Hot Doggeria Prizes

  1. Buffaloes Hat
  2. WingeriaHot Small Wingeria Table
  3. WingeriaHot Buffaloes Poster
  4. Buffaloes Jersey
  5. WingeriaHot Wing Sign
  6. WingeriaHot Buffaloes Wall
  7. WingeriaHot Fizzo Poster
  8. Buffaloes Bottoms
  9. WingeriaHot Medium Wingeria Table
  10. WingeriaHot Star Flooring
  11. Raincoat
  12. WingeriaHot Large Wingeria Table
  13. Hot Dog Helmet
  14. WingeriaHot Streetlamp

Papa's Pastaria Prizes

  1. Chilifest icon Brown Stripe Pants
  2. Coconuts Hat
  3. Stpaddy icon Golden Tile
  4. Sluau icon Planter Box
  5. New year icon2 Zany Tropical Shirt
  6. Maroon Shoes
  7. Stpaddy icon Lime Stripe Wall
  8. New year icon2 Red Vest
  9. Christmas icon Snow Floor
  10. Clown Nose
  11. Chef Hat
  12. Stpaddy icon Paddy's Poster
  13. Halloween icon Halloween Wall
  14. Christmas icon Poinsettia Box

Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes

  1. HotDoggeria Batters Poster
  2. HotDoggeria Baseball Wall
  3. Hot Doggeria Shirt
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Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes

Papa's Sushiria Prizes

  1. Rugby Polo
  2. Cherry Blossom Festival icon2 Medium Blossom Table
  3. Christmas icon3 White Rice Poster
  4. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Moccasins
  5. Cherry Blossom Festival icon2 Blossom Wall
  6. Starlight BBQ icon Blue Flag
  7. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Open Knit Gloves
  8. CincodeMayo icon Tan Cobblestone
  9. CincodeMayo icon Side Stripe Pants
  10. Thanksgiving icon Pumpkin Pie Gum
  11. CincodeMayo icon Two-Tone Pullover
  12. Cherry Blossom Festival icon2 Momoiro Poster
  13. New year icon2 Striped Knit Hat


  • Bronze Lg. Groove Trunk
  • Silver Pirate Cannon

Papa's Pancakeria HD Prizes

  1. Halloween icon Decaf Poster
  2. Demin Vest
  3. Fingerless Gloves
  4. Blue Flag
  5. Riveted Belt
  6. Sugarplex icono Theater Wall
  7. Thin Stripe Polo
  8. Easter icon Lg. Easter Table
  9. Polka Dot Pants
  10. Sugarplex icono Sugarplex Poster
  11. Headphones
  12. Thanksgiving icon Pumpkin Pie Gum
  13. Dark Star Carpet


  • Bronze Waffle Table

Papa's Pancakeria HD prize gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD

  1. Cherry Blossom Festival icon Sakura Bonsai
  2. Sluau icon Short Plaid Shirt
  3. Sluau icon Mustard Poster
  4. Powsicle Gum
  5. Sakura Wall
  6. Polka Dot Pants
  7. Valentine's Poster

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go!

  1. CincodeMayo icon3 Hot Dog Bun Poster
  2. Starlightjubilee icon2 Powsicle Gum
  3. Md. Onion Table
  4. White Crates
  5. Thanksgiving icon Turkeys Poster
  6. Easter icon Treats Freezer
  7. Md. Lucky Table
  8. Great Onion
  9. Peanut Barrel
  10. Christmas icon2 Sausage Poster
  11. Daruma
  12. Blossom Lantern
  13. Fizzo Machine


  • Bronze Md. Baseball Table

Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! Prizes Gallery