Health nut
Health Nut is a Special Sandwich that can be selected by players to be the "Special of the Day" in Papa's Cheeseria. Customers who order Health Nut will give the player 250% Points. The Special Prize for mastering this recipe is the Gaming Glove.


Health Nut
Bread Multigrain Bread
Cheese Asiago Cheese
Toppings Balsamic Dressing
Shredded Lettuce
Shredded Lettuce
Toast Level Regular


  • The recipe gets its name because it has mostly healthy ingredients (lettuce, tomato, olives, multigrain bread). The toppings are also the ingredients to make a vegetable salad.
  • A maximum of 750 points can be earned by serving Health Nut to a 4-star customer.
  • Using this Special is the easiest way to gain points. You can even jump over one rank, but it will say the rank before that with 0 points left.


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