Mini Game - Hallway Hunt

Papa Louie in Papa's Hot Doggeria

Hallway Hunt 2

Playing The Game

Hallway Hunt in Sushiria

Hallway Hunt in Papa's Sushiria

Hallway Hunt is a minigame first introduced in Papa's Pancakeria. In this game, the player tries to follow a certain customer's eyes and guess which room they went into. The game gets progressively harder, as other pairs of eyes may appear in the hallway.

Papa's Pancakeria Prizes

  1. Papa Poster
  2. Sarge Poster
  3. Multigrain Wall 
  4. Pizza Monster Poster 
  5. Small Multigrain Tiles 
  6. Multigrain Floor 
  7. Small Parsley Tiles 
  8. Onion
  9. Parsley Wall 
  10. Large Multigrain Tiles
  11. Yellow Onion 
  12. Pasta Floor 
  13. Large Parsley Tiles
  14. Tribal Onion

Papa's Pancakeria Prize Gallery

Papa's Burgeria HD Prizes

  1. Papa Poster
Burger building

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Papa's Burgeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Wingeria Prizes

Hallway Hunt
  1. Papa Louie Poster
  2. Multigrain Floor 
  3. Pyramid Belt
  4. Small Gilded Table
  5. Xolo Tank
  6. Medium Gilded Table
  7. Multigrain Wall 
  8. Camo Pants
  9. Large Gilded Table
  10. Lab Coat 
  11. Velvet Rope
  12. Chef Hat
  13. Clown Nose 
  14. Papa Bust

Papa's Hot Doggeria Prizes

  1. PizzeriaHot Small Pizza Table
  2. PizzeriaHot Tastyville Poster 
  3. PizzeriaHot Tomatoes Hat 
  4. PizzeriaHot Pizzeria Fence
  5. PizzeriaHot Green Tile Floor 
  6. PizzeriaHot Italian Sausage Poster
  7. Winter Parka 
  8. PizzeriaHot Medium Pizza Table
  9. PizzeriaHot Pizzeria Wall 
  10. Jester Hat 
  11. PizzeriaHot Papa Louie Balloons
  12. Tomatoes Jersey 
  13. Tomatoes Bottoms 
  14. PizzeriaHot Large Pizza Table

Papa's Cupcakeria Prizes

  1. Starlightjubilee icon Cherry Poster
  2. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Plaid Floor
  3. Jojo Beret
  4. Sizzlers Bottoms 
  5. Starlightjubilee icon Block Wall 
  6. Sarge Sweatshirt 
  7. Aviators
  8. Starlightjubilee icon Starry Fence
  9. Patterned Belt
  10. Plaid Pants 
  11. New year icon Color Swirl Wall 
  12. Lab Coat 
  13. Halloween icon Zebra Poster
  14. New year icon Confetti Poster

Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes

  1. Khaki Pants
Burger building

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Papa's Freezeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Pastaria Prizes

  1. Chilifest icon Chilifest Poster
  2. Jojo Beret 
  3. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Polka Wall 
  4. Stpaddy icon Green Dress Shirt 
  5. Thanksgiving icon Orange Bottoms 
  6. Halloween icon Cheesy Poster
  7. Pink Shoes
  8. Starlightjubilee icon Starry Fence
  9. Thanksgiving icon Trenchcoat
  10. New year icon3 Color Swirl Wall
  11. Monocle
  12. Hardshells Hat
  13. Starlightjubilee icon Blue Plaid Floor
  14. NeptunesFeast icon Neptune Poster

Papa's Donuteria Prizes

  1. Sluau icon Teal Polo Shirt
  2. SkyNinjaReturns icon Slice Poster
  3. Sluau icon Teal Stripe
  4. Vday icon White Belt
  5. Maple Mornings icon Pine Tree
  6. BigTopCarnival icon Cobblestone Floor
  7. Thanksgiving icon Chocolate Poster
  8. New year icon2 Star Jacket
  9. Starlightjubilee icon Medium Jubilee Table
  10. Halloween icon Belltower Ghost
  11. Starlightjubilee icon Jubilee Poster
  12. Christmas icon Noel Poster 
  13. Royal Crown


  • Bronze Anchovy Gum
  • Silver Jolly Roger Flag
  • Gold Jacksmith Arcade

Papa's Donuteria Prize Gallery

Papa's Wingeia HD Prizes

  1. Jojo Beret
Burger building

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Papa's Wingeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Cheeseria Prizes

  1. CincodeMayo icon Maracas Tee
  2. Vday icon White Tile
  3. Striped V-Neck
  4. CincodeMayo icon Cinco Poster
  5. Basic Gloves 
  6. Sluau icon Banana Gum
  7. Trim Knit Hat
  8. CincodeMayo icon Cinco Stripe Wall
  9. Basic Belt
  10. CincodeMayo icon Fajita Poster
  11. Biker Helmet
  12. New year icon2 Stache Lamp 
  13. Gaming Glove


  • Bronze Papa Arcade Game
  • Silver Sky Ninja Flag
  • Gold Peanut Barrel

Papa's Cheeseria Prize Gallery

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prizes

  1. Vday icon Md. Valentine's Table
  2. Orange Cap
  3. Vday icon Valentine Balloons
  4. Sluau icon Denim Vest
  5. Vday icon White Tile
  6. Orange Backpack
  7. Stpaddy icon2 Chips Poster
  8. Thanksgiving icon Harvest Polo
  9. Sluau icon Sunset Wall
  10. Thanksgiving icon Brown Bottoms
  11. Plum Beanie
  12. Sluau icon Banana Gum
  13. Rose Shields


  • Bronze Papa Arcade Game

Papa's Cupcakeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Taco Mia HD Prizes

  1. Puka Wristband
  2. Stpaddy icon Green Striped Wall
  3. Sluau icon Denim Vest
  4. Easter icon Md. Easter Table
  5. Orange Butterflies
  6. Vday icon Valentine's Poster
  7. Christmas icon Red and White Shirt
  8. Halloween icon Spindly Spider
  9. Sluau icon Yellow Dot Bottoms
  10. Maple Mornings icon Wood Planks
  11. Chef Hat
  12. Dark Beads
  13. Stpaddy icon Spicy Poster
  • Bonus Prize
    1. Bronze Papa Arcade Game

Papa's Taco Mia HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Sushiria Prizes

  1. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Sport Shades
  2. Vday icon Valentine Balloons
  3. New year icon2 Track Jacket
  4. BavariaFest icon Bavarian Blue Carpet
  5. New year icon2 Small Rainbow Table
  6. Summer Luau icon2 Striped Pants
  7. New year icon2 Two Tone Visor
  8. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Golden Wall
  9. Thanksgiving icon Fade Polo
  10. Vday icon Valentine's Day Poster
  11. Halloween icon Hanging Bats
  12. BavariaFest icon White Sneakers
  13. Christmas icon3 Fireplace


  • Bronze Papa Arcade Game
  • Silver Jolly Roger Flag

Papa's Sushiria Prize Gallery

Papa's Pancakeria HD Prizes

  1. Thanksgiving icon Lg. Harvest Table
  2. Plain Pants
  3. Stpaddy icon2 Green Carpet
  4. Stpaddy icon2 Paddy's Poster
  5. Solid Jersey
  6. Waywards
  7. CincodeMayo icon Cactus
  8. Backward Cap
  9. Green Striped Wall
  10. Stpaddy icon2 Pullover Hoodie
  11. Vday icon Valentine's Poster
  12. Stitched Shoes
  13. Halloween icon Spindly Spider


  • Bronze Chocolate Gum

Papa's Pancakeria HD Prizes gallery

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes

  1. Sneakers
  2. Lucky Lucky Matsuri icon Large Lantern
  3. Panel Shirt
  4. Christmas icon4 Festive Phonograph
  5. Slim Blazer
  6. Tall Window
  7. Halloween icon Spooky Tile
  8. BavariaFest icon Sm. Bavarian Table
  9. BavariaFest icon Forest Green Wall
  10. Pliad Trapper Hat
  11. Thanksgiving icon Thanks Poster
  12. Rubber Wristband
  13. Pepper Tee


  1. Cherry Gum

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes

  1. Casual Buttondown
  2. Buffalo Poster
  3. Trainers
  4. Sm. Blossom Table
  5. Side Stripe Pants

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes Gallery


  • In the dark, all of the customers' eyes are exactly the same shape regardless of their shape in the light or whether certain customers are wearing glasses or other accessories that conceal their eyes.
  • This mini-game does not appear in Papa's Bakeria.

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