Hakuto Peach

Hakuto Peaches are an ingredient used as a flavoring in various Papa Louie's restaurant-time management games.

In Papa's Donuteria, Hakuto Jelly is a holiday-exclusive doughnut filling available during the Sky Ninja Returns celebration. It is unlocked with Marty on Rank 63.

In Papa's Bakeria, Hakuto Jelly is a holiday-exclusive ingredient during Cherry Blossom Festival. It is unlocked on Rank 26 with Tohru.

In Papa's Sushiria, Hakuto Tea is the holiday-exclusive flavored tea in Papa's Sushiria during Cherry Blossom Festival. It's unlocked with Austin when the player reaches Rank 8.

Customers who order this (Donuteria)

Customers who order this (Bakeria)


Customers who order this (Sushiria)

Hakuto Tea


  • Hakuto jelly is a seasonal Japanese dessert available in the summer, made using juice from ripe hakuto peaches and water.

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