Green Peppers are an ingredient used in many of Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

In Papa's Pizzeria, Green Peppers are one of pizza toppings in the game.

In Papa's Wingeria/HD, Green Peppers are side toppings unlocked with Taylor (Wingeria HD) when the player reaches Rank 7 (Wingeria)/Rank 9 (Wingeria HD).

In Papa's Pastaria, Green Peppers are a standard topping unlocked with Mayor Mallow when the player reaches Rank 60.

In Papa's Pizzeria To Go!/HD, Green Peppers are standard pizza toppings unlocked with Taylor on Day 2.

Customers who order this (Pizzeria)

Customers who order this (Wingeria)

Unlocking green peppers

Customers who order this (Pastaria)

Papa's Pastaria - Green Peppers

Customers who order this (Wingeria HD)

Customers who order this (Pizzeria To Go!)

Customers who order this (Pizzeria HD)

Green Peppers (Pizzeria HD)

Specials using this ingredient

Papa's Pizzeria HD:


  • Both Little Edoardo and Maggie love Green Peppers as stated in their Flipdecks, respectively.


Appears in Poster Bonus Cost Points Theme
Papa's Wingeria/HD Green Paper Green Peppers Bonus $20.00 10 TacodaleMia