Patty Glitch

A Patty Glitch

A glitch is an programming error in a game in which something happens that the game makers did not intend to make happen. Also called bugs. It is occurs if the player unintentionally pressed something on their keyboard or on the main game. This is a list of the known glitches in the Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games. If players did something purposely to cause an error in the game, this is not a glitch, and should not be considered as such.

Papa's Pizzeria

  • Baking Glitch - If you make a pizza and put toppings on it,and if you put it on the baking station and then release it quickly,the pizza looks like a well-done bake.
Papa's Burgeria glitches

The Build Station Glitches

Papa's Burgeria

  • Patty glitch - When you go into the grill station put a patty on the griller, drag it off very quickly after you place it on the griller then select it. It will say non cooking and once you serve it to the customer you will get non cooking score which will result in 70 points (shake shoulder) or less also when they see it.
  • There are two glitches involving the Build Station that, upon occurring, will ruin the level in a way and force the player to quit the day, sacrificing the progress they made.
    • The first occurs should the player place an order ticket on the slot on the tray after they place the top burger bun really fast: if they place the ticket fast enough, the ticket will be placed there, yet the tray isn't taken to the customer, leaving a 'stuck' tray. In order to get rid of it, the player has to place another order ticket to make up for the lost one. This thus leaves a customer in the lobby who hasn't been served due to their wasted ticket, and cannot be, leaving an un-servable customer and requiring the player to quit.
    • The second glitch occurs slightly differently. If the player places a ticket on a ready tray quickly and then adds another quickly, the tray will be taken away from the customer as they are getting it and the game strangely goes to an un-escapable black screen, requiring the player to quit/close the game tab.

Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns

  • McCoy Carrying an Invisible Item: If you throw TNT barrels at a boulder then pick it up before the TNT would explode, McCoy will carry an invisible item.

Papa's Taco Mia!

  • Guacamole Glitch - If you put a guacamole on a taco and then click another toppings, the topping tray will still release guacamole instead of the other topping.

Papa's Freezeria

  • If you make a sundae, and then not put it on the mixer, and you click the "Finish" button, the spoon will float just like you put a whipped cream instead of falling on the ice-cream, mixable and mixable syrup. This can rarely affect the score.
  • If You Click on all the mix-ins really fast then you'll get multiple stuff.
Screenshot 203

Mix-in Glitch

Papa's Pancakeria

  • Syrup glitch - When spreading the first syrup quickly get the other syrup if fast enough you will get some syrup sticking up above the plate and pancakes.

Papa's Wingeria

  • Strips glitch-if you put a strip, and then you put a strip on the top of it but has some parts are not covered, then you releases the strip, there is no sauce left on the plate.
  • Dip glitch - if you put a dip on the leaf on the plate then suddenly releases it cannot be put on the leaf. However it can put on the plate just like the other wings..

Papa's Hot Doggeria

  • Sausage glitch - sometimes when putting sausage in hot dog sometimes it can go under the bun causing it to glitch it doesn‘t affect the score.
  • Sauce glitch - like Pancakeria but go into the next station and it will stick up.
  • Bun Glitch - this isn't really a major glitch its mainly a trick when you about the sausage on bun drag the sausage more right then the bun you want it on if you put it far enough you will get another bun this bun glitch isnt usefull since nobody orders it until the rank its unlocked on otherwise you will get a bad score.
  • When you change Taylor into a long sleeved shirt and his regular jacket, you can see some places where the shirt does not show up on his body. This also happens in custom workers with the same clothes as Taylor's.

Papa's Cupcakeria

  • Batter Glitch - While pouring the batter into the wrappers, if you click on the pouring button many times rapidly, there is a small chance that Cupcake #2's batter won't pour afterwards.
  • Baking Glitch - When the alarm goes off for one tray of cupcakes, if you rapidly switch the done tray with another tray (regardless if done or not), the alarm will still flash even after you take the done tray out (there is a small chance the alarm will still sound as well
    Cupcakeria Alarm Glitch

Papa's Pastaria

  • If you send a ticket and very quickly click and hold the Bread Boost button, the bread will speed up while the customer is being served on the other screen.

Papa's Donuteria

  • Donut Glitch - When you are decorating the doughnuts with sprinkles and you move ticket to the green finish order ticket place before it completely finished, the ingredient will appear in the build station, and the cursor disappears when switching to other stations.

Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!

  • Rescue Johnny - His eyes are gone.
  • In Cookie Cavern, in the second section, if you jump into the water, you can't get out unless your character has Wall Climb or Double Jump. This has been fixed in update 1.0.2
  • In the earlier version, the X-Zone had a blurry Mushroom baddie from PL2, which was fixed in a later update.
  • If you jump out of the water in Radley Caverns and damage Radley at the same time, his vessel will break and he will vanish.

Papa's Cheeseria

Glitch 4

The glitch with Lisa's arm


After the glitch was fixed


An example of the profile glitch

  • Hanging Slice Glitch - When a sandwich has finished cooking, drag it to the cutting page's far left or right, and the sandwich will stay full, not sliced at all, and the cheese wave will move to the middle left or far right of the sandwich. (If you make a monster sandwich, and do it, the slice will hang up.)
  • Unlocking Lisa - Her arm is not attached to her shoulder. This glitch, along with several other glitches, was fixed. [1]
  • If you drag the fry basket very quickly to plate and press menu,the fry basket would stay under the plate. However, this glitch was fixed.
  • Boosters - If you click on booster (not leave) and click anything outside the game (except from the taskbar), the booster still continue.
  • Profile Glitch - Sometimes on a customer, quickly switching from profile to profile you may notice a letter missing from the holiday they favorite. Repeating this action will result in a permanent bug unless you reload the game.

Papa's Bakeria


The glitch where there is no link to Tony's flipdeck.

  • There's no link for Tony's Flipdeck in his Customer Menu.
  • When you serve a customer's order, and you leave the pourable shovel up high in the topping station, it will not go back to the bin of the pourable toppings until you get a another pie out of the oven.
  • Glitches

    This is what happened

Papa Louie Game Apps

In the HD and To Go! remakes of the online games,certain customers with necks will be disconnected  from their bodies. This can especially be seen when the customer is angry. 

In Papa's Taco Mia To Go!, the badge says, "Unlock all Starlight Jubilee Toppings" but the holiday is Starlight BBQ

Deano's neck behind his body in Wingeria HD.

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