From left to right (top): White, Pink, Chocolate, Violet, Green, Teal, and Dark Blue Frosting.
From left to right (bottom): Red, Black, Orange, Deep Purple, Mocha, Sunglow, and Forest Green Frosting.

Frostings are one of the toppers in Papa's Cupcakeria, Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!, and Papa's Cupcakeria HD. Customers can choose from fourteen different frostings available in each game.
The badge "Icing on the Cupcake" is earned when all of the frostings are unlocked. The list of frostings is shown below.
Frosting Unlocked with Day/Rank
White Frosting Start
Pink Frosting Start
Chocolate Frosting Maggie (Cupcakeria)
Yui (Cupcakeria To Go!/HD)
Day 2
Violet Frosting Doan Rank 15
Green Frosting Allan (Cupcakeria)
Georgito (Cupcakeria To Go!/HD)
Rank 24 (Cupcakeria)
Rank 11 (Cupcakeria To Go!/HD)
Teal Frosting Utah (Cupcakeria)
Kahuna (Cupcakeria To Go!)
Nevada (Cupcakeria HD)
Rank 29
Dark Blue Frosting Shannon Rank 35
Red Frosting Greg (Cupcakeria)
Rhonda (Cupcakeria To Go!)
Boomer (Cupcakeria HD)
Rank 40 (Cupcakeria)
Rank 24 (Cupcakeria To Go!)
Rank 31 (Cupcakeria HD)
Black Frosting Akari (Cupcakeria)
Clover (Cupcakeria To Go!/HD)
Rank 45 (Cupcakeria/To Go!)
Rank 39 (Cupcakeria HD)
Orange Frosting Scooter (Cupcakeria)
Ember (Cupcakeria To Go!/HD)
Rank 49
Deep Purple Frosting Penny (Cupcakeria)
Lisa (Cupcakeria To Go!/HD)
Rank 50
Mocha Frosting Timm (Cupcakeria/To Go!)
Bruna Romano (Cupcakeria HD)
Rank 54 (Cupcakeria/To Go!)
Rank 44 (Cupcakeria HD)
Sunglow Frosting Prudence (Cupcakeria)
Trishna (Cupcakeria To Go!)
Timm (Cupcakeria HD)
Rank 55
Forest Green Frosting Marty (Cupcakeria)
Cecilia (Cupcakeria To Go!)
Chester (Cupcakeria HD)
Rank 59