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Foodini's Friday Games

When Flipline features games outside of Flipline, they post them every Friday. The old banner featured Akari and Robby with their thumbs up. The current banner features Foodini to the left of the image saying "Wanna Play?"
Blog newgames

The old Friday Games banner

Games Mentioned So Far in the Foodini's Friday Games section:

May 4th 2012

  • Temple Glider (Nitrome)
  • Battle Panic (Ninja Kiwi)
    Foodini Friday Games

    The current banner for Foodini's Friday Games

  • Front Runner (Uncle Handsalt)
  • Flight (Armor Games)

May 11th 2012

  • Hungry Sumo (Ninja Kiwi)
  • Mega Mash (Nitrome)
  • Space Punk Racer (LongAnimals)
  • Diamond Hollow II (Arkeus)

May 18th 2012

  • Final Ninja Zero (Nitrome)
  • Cursed Treasure (Level Pack) (IrlySoft)
  • Wonderputt (Damp Gnat)
  • Trigger Knight (Mintsphere)

May 25th 2012

  • Rubble Trouble Tokyo (Nitrome)
  • Pirateers (Labu Games)
  • Angry Bees (ShahSoft)
  • BasketBalls (Level Pack) (LongAnimals)

June 1st 2012

  • Double Edged (Nitrome)
  • Johnny Upgrade (Gameshot)
  • Paladog (Fazecat)
  • Big Time Butter Baron (Megadev)

June 8th 2012

  • Test Subject Blue (Nitrome)
  • Harry Quantum (Episode 1) (LongAnimals)
  • Hambo (robotJAM)
  • Enigmata : Stellar War (KidGamez)

June 15th 2012

  • Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam (Nitrome)
  • Weirdtris (Mauft)
  • Tiny Airships (Rubicon Paradox)
  • Reprisal (Last17)

June 22nd 2012

  • Twin Shot 2 : Good and Evil (Nitrome)
  • Notebook Wars 3 (Matakukos)
  • Monster Castle XP (Fliptiko)
  • Magic Smash Hammer (NSBrotherhood)

June 29th 2012

  • Fat Cat (Nitrome)
  • Kamikaze Pigs (Mostro Games)
  • Harry Quantum (Episode 2) (LongAnimals)
  • Keeper of the Grove (Booblyc)

July 6th 2012

  • Super Treadmill (Nitrome)
  • Wigman Big Run (Mini Duck Studio)
  • Mimelet (Neutronized)
  • Simple Motions II (Roman Konyukhov)

July 13th 2012

  • Chisel (Nitrome)
  • Hambo 2 : The HamTouchables (Rob Donkin & robotJAM)
  • Tokyo Guinea Pop (LongAnimals)
  • Sugar, Sugar 2 (Bonte Games)

July 20th 2012

  • Skywire 2 (Nitrome)
  • Wizard Walls (NSBrotherhood)
  • Icy Fishes (Silen Games)

July 27th 2012 (Nitrome)

  • Silly Sausage (Nitrome)
  • Elemental Balance (irRegular Games)
  • Trophiends (Jay is Games)

August 3rd 2012

  • Cave Chaos (Nitrome)
  • Monster Must Die (Game Ark)
  • Resistance is Useless (Pozirk Games)

August 10th 2012

  • Bullethead (Nitrome)
  • Arcana's Defender (Studio Wonder)
  • Dibbles 3 (thePodge)

August 17th 2012

  • Chisel 2 (Nitrome)
  • Planet Juicer (Yellowbouncyball)
  • Turbo Golf (TurboNuke)

August 24th 2012

  • Test Subject Green (Nitrome)
  • Super Adventure Pals (Jay Armstrong Games, not to be confused with Jay Is Games)
  • Drift Runners 3D (LongAnimals)

August 31st 2012

  • Rubble Trouble New York (Nitrome)
  • Cargo Bridge II (Limex Games)
  • Kleine Castle (Dragosha)

September 7th 2012

  • Flash Cat (Nitrome)
  • Knightmare Tower (Juicy Beast)
  • ZomBalloons! (Armor Games)

September 14th 2012

  • Ice Breaker (Nitrome)
  • Kingdom Rush (Ironhide Game Studio)
  • Amigo Pancho 2 : New York Party (Conmer Game Studios)

September 21st 2012

  • Bad Ice Cream (Nitrome)
  • Ninja Painter 2 (Silen Games)
  • Litle Romeo and Juliet (Difference Games)

September 28th 2012

  • Jacksmith (Flipline Studios)
  • Rogue Soul : Run for Reward... (SoulGame)
  • Hue Brix (Yellow Monkey Studios)

October 5th 2012

  • Pheus & Mor (Pegas Games)
  • Ninja Cannon (OttoMoto)
  • Into Space 2 (Barbarian Games)

October 12th 2012

  • Netbots (Sunrize)
  • StickyLinky (Gluey Games)
  • Rbots (A10)

October 19th 2012

  • Death vs Monstars (GameReclaim)
  • Pocket Creatures PVP (NTFusion)
  • They Took Our Candy (Rachid1984)

October 26th 2012

  • Flightless (Demo) (Nitrome)
  • Flippin' Dead (Juicy Beast)
  • Future Buddy (Steeraj G.H.)

November 2nd 2012

  • Scarlet Stranger (Armor Games)
  • Takeover (Irysoft)
  • Apocalipseed (Fliptiko)

November 9th 2012

  • Monster Saga (Artlogic Games)
  • Shaun the Sheep : Home Sheep Home 2 : Lost Underground (Aardman Digital)
  • City Seige 4 : Alien Siege (The Podge)

November 16th 2012

  • Mushbits (Z3lf)
  • Stop GMO (Dennatolich)
  • Fruits (Anton Koshechkin and Conmer Game Studios)

November 23rd 2012

  • Soccer Balls 2 (TurboNuke)
  • Steampunk Odyssey (mif2000)
  • Unfreeze Me (PspMiracle)

November 30th 2012

  • Zombies vs Penguins 2 (Keybol)
  • Pinata Hunter (Megabyte)
  • Minecart Madness (Hard Circle)

December 7th 2012

  • Dibbles 4: A Christmas Crisis (The Podge)
  • PaintWorld (Pecher)
  • Transmorpher (Flash Rush Games)

December 14th 2012

  • Incursion (Booblyc)
  • SkullFace (Greg Sergeant)
  • Flying Cookie Quest (Longanimals)

December 21st 2012

  • Icy Gifts 2 (Silen Games)
  • 60 Seconds Santa Run (Whileworking)
  • Snowmen (Serkanus)

December 28th 2012

  • Avalanche (Nitrome)
  • Symbiosis (The Gamest Studio)
  • A Short History of the World (State of Play Games)

January 4th 2013

  • Nightflies (Anton Koshechkin & Maxim Yurchenko)
  • Bubble Tanks TD2 (Hero Interactive)
  • Pix City (Rasmusiboy)

January 11th 2013

  • Hero's Arms (Berzerk Studio)
  • Snowball (Pixeljam)
  • Enola: Prelude (Grindhead)

January 18th 2013

  • Fort Blaster (Koseki)
  • Catch a Duck (Full2D)
  • Georganism 3 (Karma Team)

January 25th 2013

  • Fractured (GroZZleR)
  • Abduction XP (Fliptico)
  • Monster Legions (Nerdook)

February 1st 2013

  • Lockehorn (Nitrome)
  • Demons vs Fairyland (StormAlligator)
  • Super Sub Hero (Ticklebot)

February 8th 2013

  • Nano Kingdoms 2 (Trutruka)
  • Bloons Tower Defense 5 (Ninja Kiwi)
  • Samurai Autumn (Sun Studios)

February 15th 2013

  • Hot Air Jr. (Nitrome)
  • Band of Heroes (IriySoft)
  • Stop GMO 2: Underground (Dennatolich)

February 22nd 2013

  • Renegade Racing (Stickleback Games)
  • Color Tanks (FunByJohn)
  • 400 Years (scriptwelder)

​March 1st 2013

  • Swindler 2 (Nitrome)
  • Bunny Cannon (La Ventanita)
  • Llama in Your Face (Simon Parzer)

​March 8th 2013

  • Cyclomaniacs Epic (TurboNuke)
  • Sheriff Sancho (Conmer Game Studios)
  • Splitman 2 (Keybol)

​March 15th 2013

  • Rainbogeddon (Nitrome)
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (Matt Roszak)
  • Raft Wars 2 (Martijn Kunst)

​March 22nd 2013

  • Bad Ice Cream 2 (Nitrome)
  • Searching for the Elephant (FunBun Games)
  • Desktop Racing 2 (Smokoko)

​March 29th 2013

  • Cat God vs Sun King 2 (Nerdook)
  • Cargo Shipment: Chicago (Dynergy Games)
  • Snail Bob 2 (Hunter Hamster)

​April 5th 2013

  • Qoosh (Aethos Games)
  • Photon Baby (Jeremias Babini)
  • Pursuit of Hat (Anton Rogov)

​April 12th 2013

  • Mad Burger (Black Square)
  • Slice the Box (Oleg Kuzyk)
  • Piggy Wiggy Seasons (Anton Koshechkin & mAx)

​April 19th 2013

  • Super Stock Take (Nitrome)
  • The King's League: Odyssey (Kurechii)
  • Wonder Rocket (JJWallace)

April 26th 2013

  • Resort Empire (Little Giant World)
  • Jim Loves Mary (Flazm)
  • Parking Hooligan 2 (Dennatolich)

May 3rd 2013

  • Turbo Rally (TurboBoing)
  • Caribbean Admiral (Vogd)
  • Frizzle Fraz 3 (Andrew and Dmitry Borisov)

May 10th 2013

  • Feed Me Moar (Vinch)
  • Red Ball 4: Vol. 2 (Eugene Fedoseev and Oleh Akimov)
  • Aqua Boy (Duncan Fenn)

May 17th 2013

  • Super Duck Punch (Kongregate Games)
  • Snail Bob Space (Hunter Hamster)
  • Disaster Will Strike 2 (Anton Koshechkin)

May 24th 2013

  • Orbox C (Arseniy Shkljaev and Nicolay Davydov)
  • Forest Guardians (Jonathan Parsons)
  • Flip and Go (Lampogolovii and Leric)

May 31st 2013

  • Giants and Dwarves TD (Labu Games)
  • Monsterland 3 (Alma Games)
  • Coaster Racer 3 (LongAnimals and Biscuit Locker)

June 7th 2013

  • Papa Louie 2 (Flipline Studios)
  • Ninja Miner (Silen Games)
  • New Splitter Pals (Evgeny Karataev and Zarkua)

June 14th 2013

  • Monty's Moon (HighUp Studio)
  • Mushbits 2 (Z3lf)
  • Slime Laboratory 2 (Neutronized)

June 21st 2013

  • Karting Super Go (Insane Hero and Monkey moo)
  • Paintworld 2: Monsters (Vadim Pecherskiy)
  • Accurate Boy (Meetreen Games)

June 28th 2013

  • Rocket Pets (Jay Armstrong Games)
  • Reverse Boots (Denis Vasilev)
  • Bob the Robber 2 (Flazm)

July 5th 2013

  • Ripple Dot Zero
  • Comic Book Cody
  • JellyGo

July 12th 2013

  • Nitrome Must Die
  • Circus
  • Icarus Needs

July 19th 2013

  • Battle Cry
  • Need a Hero
  • Incursion 2

July 26th 2013

  • Zombotron 2
  • Jewels Hero
  • Symbiosis Wonderland

August 2nd 2013

  • Harry Quantum 3: Cheese Carnival
  • Go Virus
  • Sushi vs. Blockies

August 9th 2013

  • Papa's Cupcakeria
  • Transmorpher 2
  • A Duck Has An Adventure

August 16th 2013

  • Need Water
  • The Golem
  • Wish Totems

August 23rd 2013

  • Experimental Shooter 2
  • Release the Mooks 3
  • Cheese Barn

August 30th 2013

  • Zombality
  • Notebook Space Wars
  • Beach Crazy

September 6th 2013

  • Grand Prix Go 2
  • Revive the Monster
  • Lost Galaxy

September 13th 2013

  • Blym
  • Snoring 3
  • Clover Flower

September 20th 2013

  • Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2013
  • Rocket Squirrel
  • Blast Driver

September 27th 2013

  • Zombotron 2: Time Machine
  • Cyber Chaser
  • Awesome Cars

October 4th 2013

  • Cursed Treasure 2
  • Red Ball 4 Vol. 3
  • Twizzed Firefarta

October 11th 2013

  • Enough Plumbers 2
  • Barons Gate
  • Pirate Monsters

October 18th 2013

  • Steampunk Tower
  • Headless Zombie
  • Demon Destroyer 2

October 25th 2013

  • Zombie Goes Up
  • Haunt the House
  • Royal Offense

November 1st 2013

  • Theft Punk
  • Diggy
  • Ninja Miner 2

November 8th 2013

  • Bitzy Blitz
  • Drawfender
  • Bomb Besieger

November 15th 2013

  • Home Sheep Home 2: Lost in Space
  • Pocket Ninja
  • Grand Truckismo

November 22nd 2013

  • Snail Bob 5: Love Story
  • Dino Run: Enter Planet D
  • Furtive Dao

November 29th 2013

  • Good Daddy 2
  • Tiny Dangerous Dungeons
  • High Sky

December 6th 2013

  • Club Nitro
  • Find the Candy
  • Easy Joe 2

December 13th 2013

  • Go Repo
  • Crash TV
  • Papa's Pastaria

December 20th 2013

  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story
  • Gift Rush
  • A Bonte Christmas

December 27th 2013

  • Civilizations Wars 2 Prime
  • Not in My Dungeon
  • Go Under

January 3rd 2014

  • Loot Hero
  • Spaceman 2023
  • 10 is Again

January 10th 2014

  • Click Battle Madness
  • Zombinsanity
  • Disposabot

January 17th 2014

  • Water Mania
  • Lumber John
  • Virus Wars

Quinn's Q&A

Quinn's Q&A are selected questions from Flipline Uservoice. The banner features an angry Quinn yelling at Matt and Tony while pointing her finger at them.

Quinns qna

The Q&A Banner

Questions So Far :

Pre Papa Days & Real Life Customers

Besides Matt, Tony, Mandi & Doan, are there any other customers that are real?

Matt and Tony answered "This is a pretty straightforward question. As you know the customers Matt and Tony are us, the real Matt and Tony from Flipline Studios. Mandi is Tony’s wife in real life, and she actually owns that outfit. Doan is a buddy of ours that went to college with us, and his Flipdeck has many similarities to his real professions. As far as other customers go, only Johnny and Georgito are very very very loosely based off of real people, while everyone else is strictly fictional."

If Flipline was made in 2004, why was the first game (Papa Louie : When Pizzas Attack) made in 2006?

Matt and Tony answered "In college we collaborated together and made several games for different classes, and decided to start a company together when we graduated. We graduated college in 2004 and started Flipline — at the time it was called Flipline IDS (Interactive Design Studios) . During that period (2004-2006), we were working on some fun stuff and some not-so-fun stuff. We did a lot of client work to try to pay the bills, including websites for technology firms, 3D visualizations for construction companies, and doing graphic design for consulting firms. But during that time we were also developing a cartoon series that never quite made if off the ground. It’s called Freezing Pointe, and it had a large cast of characters, locations, and episodes. During those first few years we managed to put together a hefty pitch bible, a teaser/trailer, and some fully written episodes."

The blog post features the pictures of the hefty pitch bible : Ross and Eddie (they also resemble the penguins from Club Penguin, except their thinner)

The question said that Papa Louie : When Pizzas Attack is the first game. It is actually the third, after Meteor Blastor and Guppy Guard Express.!

Pizzeria and Creating Games

How long does it take to make one of your games?

Matt and Tony answered "It really varies for each game, and depends on how many new things we’re adding and if it’s a brand-new title — though sequels can also take a long time! For one of Papa’s Gamerias, it generally takes anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks of working full-time on the game before it’s ready to release. Some elements of gameplay don’t take long since they stay pretty similar (like taking orders and handling tickets), but we spend a lot of time working on how to turn the food’s preparation into something fun to play. We also try to keep adding new elements to the series like mini-games, decorating, and custom workers, so each of these add some extra time for development.

When we develop brand-new games for a new series there is some extra work involved, so they may take around 3 or 4 months! The first Cactus McCoy game took over 3 months to develop, and even though we could use some code and level editors from our previous games, the game had a brand new way of fighting and exploring that took some time to fine-tune until it was ready. We thought the second Cactus McCoy game would go a lot faster since it was similar to the first game, but we added so many new elements that it took just as long as the first!

We’d love to release games quicker so everyone didn’t have to wait long for our next game, but there are only two of us here at Flipline, so we can only go so fast!"

Where are the Pizzeria and Taco Mia! located?

Matt and Tony answered "Our newer Gamerias always mention what town you’re in, but we didn’t really say where the earlier restaurants were located. For the record, Papa’s Pizzeria is located in the city of Tastyville, the Burgeria is located in the suburb of Burgerburgh, and Papa’s Taco Mia! is located in the nearby town of Tacodale."

What happened to the apartment above the Pizzeria?

Matt and Tony answered "The apartments are still there, but you only see the Pizzeria storefront during the game’s intro. Many of Papa’s loyal customers like Wally and James still live in the apartments despite being captured by Sarge and his Pizza Monsters during “When Pizzas Attack” — the food is just too good to leave! Big Pauly also still has his headquarters for Pauly’s Pepper right next door."

Flipline Studios Name, Skystone, and Platformers

Why did you call the company "Flipline Studios?"

Matt and Tony answered "While in college, we came up with the name for the company. We were planning on doing a large majority of web design work, so the initial criteria for the company name was that it had to rhyme with “design”, sound dynamic, and have a .com URL that wasn’t taken. We had a long list of potential names that we came up with, and after a week or so of thought, we settled on Flipline. After we graduated, we realized that Flipline Design sounded a little too rhyme-y, and decided on Flipline Interactive Design Studios, Flipline IDS for short. That name was later simplified to just Flipline Studios."

When will you finish Remnants of Skystone?

Matt and Tony answered "We consider Remnants of Skystone finished. Initially we were planning on 4 worlds, but Kongregate and ourselves struck a deal that instead of a fourth world, we would develop a subscription model into the game with more stat adjustments, extra attacks and other incentives. This was called the Nidarian Guard. The three worlds in the game are actually much larger than we planned as well — the entire game was originally only going to be the size of the first world! Unfortunately there’s not much closure to the story, we wish the final missions had wrapped things up a bit better.

Your first game, Remnants of Skystone, was probably the best platformer I've ever played, the cactus games were decent. Why not more of these?

Matt and Tony answered "Technically, Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack was our first platformer. We love making side-scrolling platformers as much as we love playing them! We do plan on making more down the road, although nothing quite as massive as Remnants of Skystone."

Uniforms, Toppings, and Restaurants

How come Rita, Roy, Mitch, and Maggie walk around with their uniforms on?

Matt and Tony answered "After working all day in the Burgeria, Rita doesn’t have time to stop home and change, she heads straight to the Wingeria for dinner! Actually, sometimes we think a customer looks more interesting wearing their uniform than wearing their normal clothes (like Maggie), so they keep that clothing in the other games. Mitch is actually wearing his normal shirt, it just looks a lot like his uniform!"

Although the question is just about Rita, Roy, Mitch and Maggie, Cooper walks around with his uniform on, as well.

Why is there no chocolate sauce in Papa's Pancakeria?

Matt and Tony answered "We’ve never seen chocolate sauce on breakfast before! Usually you find chocolate chips for pancakes and waffles, so we added those as a topping and a mixable. Figuring out what ingredients to include in Papa’s restaurants can be a challenge though. Since the games are played all around the world, sometimes the foods that we’re used to seeing in the United States may seem strange to people in other countries (we’ve gotten emails from people who hadn’t heard of tacos until playing Papa’s Taco Mia!). We do try to choose toppings that are well-known worldwide, though sometimes we just make things up, like Sarge Fan’s favorite “Wild Onion” sauce."

Do you plan to create any more restaurant games?

Matt and Tony answered "We’re always looking for new ideas for Papa’s next restaurant, and we’ll have another one coming soon — the weekly “Papa’s Next Chefs” competition here on the blog lets you vote on the employees for the new restaurant. We have a list of ideas for other foods we’d like to do, but if there’s a restaurant you’re dying to see, feel free to share your suggestion on the Flipline Forum!"

All about Jacksmith

Why are the weapons in Jacksmith built the way they are? Bow's don't have hinges!

Matt and Tony answered "We took some liberties with weapon crafting in Jacksmith to make things more interesting and to get some fun moments of gameplay, so the steps you use aren’t quite how you would actually build those weapons in real life! We did a lot of research on how to make all of the weapons in the game, but some things we twisted or removed for the sake of gameplay, and others things we invented, like hinged metal bows (so we could still use the forge for crafting bows).

Gold is soft, why would you make weapons out of it in Jacksmith?

Matt and Tony answered "We took some liberties here too! For the strength of different metals, we kept some things basically correct — bronze really is stronger than copper, and steel is stronger than plain iron — but for the top-tier metals we decided to go with elements that looked strong even though they’re not. A crystal axe would be terrible in battle, but it sure does look epic!"

Did you have any other ideas for animal warriors before you finalized the current lineup?

Matt and Tony answered "We had a handful of ideas for who the warriors and the blacksmith could be before we settled on our current group. We first decided to go with animal characters instead of regular people like in Papa’s Gamerias, and came up with different groups of animals that would work well. One of our first ideas was to use tiny animals like mice, where everything in the game would be a much smaller scale. Since we were crafting regular-sized weapons that people would use though, we decided to go with larger barnyard animals. We also considered a duck and a horse as some of the warrior animals, but our weapons seemed to fit the other animals better."

Abandonment, Customers, and Infinite Play

Why does Papa Louie abandon his chefs?

Matt and Tony answered "It’s true, Papa Louie has been known to abandon his chefs. In Papa’s Pizzeria and Pancakeria, Papa Louie leaves a note asking for help while he’s off running errands and going on “adventures”. This is usually a last-minute thing that Papa must do, and has every intention of returning soon, but rarely does.

Then you have other games where Papa Louie pulls what appears to be a “bait and switch” on his customers. This is where Papa Louie has a contest or a prize for his lucky customer which ends up being a job at one of his latest restaurants. Papa Louie loves his customers and truly thinks it’s a great prize to work at one of his many restaurants, although the workers don’t always see it that way.

Finally, you have scenarios where Papa is outright hiring and people apply for the job. This happened in Papa’s Freezeria. It was understood that Papa would leave (presumably on vacation), but his job booklet may have been a bit misleading.

Papa Louie has good intentions and he loves cooking, so it’s hard for him to imagine anyone who wouldn’t love flipping burgers and stacking pancakes all day long."

Who is your favorite character (not Papa Louie)?

Tony answered "My favorite non-Gameria character would have to be Cactus McCoy. My favorite customer would have to be Little Edoardo. Every time he come into a restaurant, I can’t help but smile and imagine him going crazy on a pair of bongo drums"

Matt answered "I’m also a big fan of McCoy, though my favorite non-Gameria character right now is the sheep with a mustache in Jacksmith, makes me laugh every time I see him. It’s hard to choose a favorite Gameria customer, but I’ve always loved seeing Wally when he visits the restaurants."

Why are all the Papa's games endless?

Matt and Tony answered "We tend to consider the games completed when you unlock Papa Louie. However we also have badges, prizes to win, things to buy, and customers to level up. So the game is left open so that you can continue working towards your own personal goals in the game.

Smartphones, Restuarants, and Themes

In Papa’s Hot Doggeria, why are all the people playing on electronics?

Matt and Tony answered:Believe it or not, when we were working on Papa’s Pizzeria back in 2007, smartphones really didn’t exist yet! Nowadays it’s common to see people passing the time on their phones while they’re waiting to pick up food, so when we decided to update the customer animations and reactions in Papa’s Hot Doggeria, it seemed like it was time to bring everyone into the modern age with some brand-new smartphones. Sometimes you’ll also see them playing on their handheld game systems for some variety.

If you could go to a Papa Louie restaurant in real life, which one would you go to?

Matt answered:That’s a tough one, but I think I’d like to make a trip to Papa’s Wingeria. We usually make our customer selves order what we like, so I’d get the buffalo strips and atomic wings, and Starlight City just seems like a fun place to be. Tony answered: I would have to say Papa’s Freezeria! It’s one of the few restaurants in which everyone's order sounds delicious. I’ve started trying a few and found Sue’s to be my new favorite, Mint Cookie Dough! Plus Calypso Island is the place to be (when it’s not tourist season).

What do the Themes in Papa’s Hot Doggeria stand for?

Matt and Tony answered:We put all of the furniture into groups with similar-looking items for Papa’s Hot Doggeria, and gave each a Theme icon so you could tell they were related. We tried to label each Theme with the letter of the game that they’re related to, but sometimes we had to pick a different letter (couldn’t use “P” for both Pancakeria and Pizzeria). Here’s a cheat sheet of what each letter stands for:

  • H: Hot Doggeria
  • M: Maple Mountain (Pancakeria)
  • W: Wingeria
  • F: Freezeria
  • T: Taco Mia
  • B: Burgeria
  • P: Pizzeria
  • L: Louie (Papa Louie)
  • O: Onion or the O in Foodini

Changes, Papa Talk, and Sarge's Revenge

Why do some customers change their appearance?

Matt and Tony:In books, cartoons and video games, character evolution is bound to happen, and we totally embrace that idea here at Flipline Studios. It’s always interesting to look back on how characters change with time like early black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons or a pixelated “jumpman” who would soon become Super Mario. We feel the world of Papa Louie is alive and moving forward. The customers are like everyday people, trying out new hairstyles, getting new jobs, or dropping everything to pursue a lifelong dream.

Why doesn't Papa Louie or his customers talk?

Matt and Tony:The main reason why Papa Louie and his customers don’t talk is simply file size. Music and sound effects files are very large, while webgames need to be fairly small in file size. So when making a game for the web, we have to strategically choose just how much sound and music we can fit into the game before it gets too big. It would also be very complicated and potentially budget breaking to find quality voice actors for the 70+ customers we have. Plus now that we have gone so long without voice acting, we feel our fans already have imaginary voices for the customers, and if we tried to add voices now, it might be too jarring and weird. Much like how Link never speaks in Zelda games. But who knows, in the future files size might not be a factor, and voice acting might fit into a budget.

Is Sarge ever going to seek revenge on Papa Louie and/or his restaurants?

Matt and Tony: Sarge has been out of action for a while! One of our early ideas for Papa’s Pizzeria was to have more elements of the “food world” like the onion enemies crossing over into the restaurant world, but in the end we decided to keep them separate, so he hasn’t made an appearance since the original Papa Louie game. Sarge does make a cameo as the mascot of the Oniontown Crushers baseball team in Papa’s Hot Doggeria though. A few years ago, we were actually planning to give Sarge his very own game where he would gather troops of onions to make his comeback. We had to stop working on the game when Remnants of Skystone filled up our schedule, but maybe someday he’ll make his triumphant return!

Georgito, Game Consoles, and a Loco Mystery

Who are Georgito and Johnny loosely based off?

Tony: We say loosely because they don’t really reflect the real people they were once based off of. Georgito and Johnny are loosely based off of two of my friends. George was always persistent about me making him a customer. Not only a customer but a wealthy customer. Finally I told him I would, but he would be really short and sporting a monocle. John would always playtest our games as soon as they were released, so I thought I’d make a customer for him. And no, he’s not a lumberjack.

Why are your games not on the Wii, Xbox, Playstation, 3DS, etc?

Matt and Tony: We are just two guys working on games here at Flipline Studios. We try to keep a balance between releasing web games and porting our existing games to other devices. We have spent most of this year learning how to port to mobile phones and tablets. Coding games for those devices is similar to how we make webgames, and launching games on those devices is very straightforward. Currently, coding and launching a game for the home and handheld consoles like the Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS is much more complicated with many more barriers of entry. So although we will continue to make apps for phones and tablets, we are not quite ready to dive into the current console market.

What is the Loco Mystery Sauce recipe?

Don’t tell Papa Louie we told you, but here is his secret recipe for his Loco Mystery Sauce


  • 6 oz of Tastyville Tomato Paste
  • 2 tsp of cayenne pepper
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2 tbsp of Pauly’s Chili Powder
  • 2½ tsp of salt
  • 2 tsp of cornstarch
  • 2 tsp of white vinegar
  • 2 tbsp minced dried Purple Onions
  • 3 tbsp of Purple Hot Peppers
  • 1 Adult helper/supervisor

With the help of an adult, mix the tomato paste and water in a saucepan. Stir over medium heat until it’s nice and smooth. Then stir in the chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt, cornstarch, vinegar and dried onions. Chop up the purple peppers into very fine pieces (if you can’t find Purple Hot Peppers, you can substitute 2 tbsp of canned jalapeno slices). Add the chopped peppers to the saucepan and heat the sauce to boiling stirring occasionally. Once boiling, stir for 3 minutes then remove from the heat. Let the sauce cool, and then put into a sealed container and refrigerate.

Flipdecks, iPad Mini, and Papa Louie's Origins

Why don't you include more details like age, and nationality, in the customer profiles and Flipdecks?

Matt and Tony: Although we could add more info to Customer Profiles and Flipdecks, we try to avoid pinpointing an exact age and nationality for the customers. In our game Remnants of Skystone, we gave everyone birthdates, but it became very complicated as time progressed and we have since avoided giving specific ages to our characters. The closest we will get is saying that somebody is in high school, middle-aged, elderly, etc. We also don’t officially define customer’s nationalities because they live in a world where places like the United States, Sweden, Mexico, and other countries don’t exist. The most you will get is their hometown, so someone from Oniontown would probably be called an Oniontowner.

Does Papa's Burgeria HD work on the iPad Mini?

Matt and Tony: Yes, it will work just the same as it does on a full sized iPad.

Where did the name Papa Louie came from?

The original name for Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! was simply “Pizza Panic”. Where an adventurous pizza chef named Papa Lucci was on a mission to save his customers from cheesy Pizza Monsters. During development, another game called Pizza Panic came out and we had to think of a new name, so we renamed the game as “Papa Lucci: when Pizzas Attack”. However, seeing the name Papa Lucci written out had us worried that a good majority of people wouldn’t know how to pronounce Lucci (Loo-shee). So we decided to change his name to a more familiar-sounding name like Louie, and that’s when Papa Louie was created!

Skystone Origins, Back Ups, and Mrs. Romano

Who is Little Edoardo's wife, the mother of Bruna and Carlo?

Little Edoardo’s wife was the late Giordana Romano. Unfortunately, she passed away 10 years ago of old age (she was 8 years older than Little Edoardo).

What gave you your idea of your first game, Remnants of Skystone?

Remnants of Skystone was actually our fourth game (Papa Louie, Papa’s Pizzeria, and Rock Garden were released earlier).

After working on Papa Louie, we were throwing around ideas for a new platformer where different classes of characters had different platforming abilities, which would be used to navigate the same levels in different ways. We were also interested in making something with a larger interconnected map in Metroidvania style.

When Kongregate started funding large-scale games for its “Premium Games” program, we came back to this concept, and brainstormed on different ways characters could navigate a level. We eventually narrowed it down to ability sets of flying, climbing, and swinging, and figured out what types of combat would go best with with those movesets. Kongregate suggested pitching something with an edgier or grittier feel, so we imagined a sort of ruined world that these three types of characters were trying to reclaim. We started out with a Steampunk theme for our flying class of Aeronauts, and we strayed into tribal and mountain-climbing themes for the other classes to make them each unique and relate to their abilities. We’re big fans of the 16-bit Metroid and Castlevania platformers, so Skystone was very much inspired by those games.

Will be there a "save backup" function for the other Papa's games?

We have just updated Papa’s Freezeria and Papa’s Taco Mia with backups! Now all our Gamerias have “Save Backups” except Burgeria and Pizzeria, which unfortunately will not be getting the backup option because they’re made with earlier versions of Flash that won’t support it.

Customer Orders, Fast Food Jobs, and Relatives

What's the process for deciding on each customer's unique order? Do you keep a rough idea of the customers' personalities and try to match their orders to them?

We do keep track of many customers’ tastes, and use that to help us figure out their orders in each new game. When we’re first planning the new game and deciding when each topping will be unlocked, we try to match it with a customer who would order that topping. For example, Prudence ordered pickles in Burgeria (and has a dog named Pickle!), so she also appears when pickles are unlocked in Hot Doggeria. Later in the game, sometimes we realize we haven’t used much of an ingredient by a certain point, so a customer that’s unlocked around then will order that item (as long as it makes sense for that character).

We try to refer back to their previous orders as often as we can, so Wally continues to order mayo and seafood whenever they’re in a game, and Sarge Fan gets onions or Wild Onion sauce (or berries if he can’t get onions). Big Pauly always get something terribly unhealthy, though he’s making an effort in Hot Doggeria with some Diet Fizzo.

Have you ever worked in fast food yourselves?

Matt answered: I worked in a pizzeria during high school and college. Some nights it really would be as hectic as in the games, especially if someone was stuck doing everything alone like Roy does in Papa’s Pizzeria. Papa’s customers are very picky, but there were plenty of people like that in real life too: One customer always demanded a refund if his pizza wasn't cut perfectly evenly.

Tony answered: The closest thing to a job in fast food was working as a busboy at a TGI Fridays. I didn't get to cook or prep any food, but I was paid mainly in tips.

Just like Clover's brother is Marty, are there any more relatives?

Obviously, the Romano Family Quartet members are related. Vicky is Mindy’s mom and Xolo is Xandra’s brother. There are more relatives, but you will have to wait until a Flipdeck reveals it.

Filesize, Pinch Hitting, and a Mysterious Land

Where did Sarge came from?

Sarge and his minions come from the Land of Munchmore. Not much is known about this mysterious land that is populated by all sorts of wild, semi-intelligent food. Professor Fitz seems to think that it is a parallel world, a sort of alternate dimension. It appears that the only way to travel between worlds is through strange portals. When Sarge kidnapped the customers, these portals appeared within each of the apartments above Papa’s Pizzeria.

Why were some customers absent in Burgeria, Freezeria, and Pancakeria?

When making a Gameria, we try to keep the game’s filesize relatively low to keep load times fast. Some of those games (especially Pancakeria) were reaching our self imposed filesize cap, so we had to cut out some of the customers. However, as global internet speeds continue to increase, we have slowly raised our filesize cap. This means that some of the newer Gamerias have included all the current customers. Now that is the technical reason, but we much prefer the fun reasons, like Allan moving away for a few years or Mary’s fear of sailing.

Once in Papa's Hot Doggeria, Pinch Hitwell came in with a different uniform. Why does he change his outfit so much?

Pinch is a professional pinch hitter for Griller Stadium. Griller Stadium is an independent ballpark and each week it hosts a new home team. Pinch Hitwell’s plays for whoever is currently the home team. That is why you will see Pinch in a different uniform each week.

Mobile, McCoy, and Movies

Do you have any idea of launching another game for mobile devices?

We are definitely planning on releasing more apps for mobile devices. We already have the next one in mind and have most of the planning figured out for it. We can’t release any more details than that for now! It will be awhile before we start working on it though, because we have a few online games that we want to finish up first.

Are you planning to continue the Cactus McCoy series?

We do have plans on continuing the Cactus McCoy series! Unfortunately, Cactus McCoy games take a very long time to make. We had plans of making the next game in the series last year, but it didn't fit into our schedule and it had to be postponed. Before the game was delayed, we managed to get the pre-production done, the story hammered out, and some of the new weapons drawn up. We are also considering shortening the length of the games in order to better fit them into our schedule. Unfortunately, we don’t have a set date as to when work will resume on the next game. We just wanted to let all the Cactus McCoy fans out there know that we haven’t given up on our favorite green cowboy!

Will you guys make animations?

Wouldn't that be awesome! Unfortunately we are mainly focused on creating fun games for you guys and making animations would definitely cut into our schedule. So as of now, we have no plans on making animations, cartoons, or feature length movies.

Order Speed, Foodini, and Hot Chocolate!

When ordering (in a Gameria), why do some people talk faster than others? Is this on purpose?

In most of the Gamerias, when a customer earns five stars and gets a “Star Customer” award, they’ll start placing their orders faster. If you earn a Silver or Gold award for that customer, they’ll order even faster too.

What inspired you to introduce Foodini in Papa’s Pancakeria?

For every Gameria, we try to add some new features that improve the series, and give players more to do than just preparing the food. We wanted to add something that would break up the monotony of just doing the same thing day after day, so we decided mini-games in between days would be a fun break, and a great way to earn some new items in the game. Of course we needed a game show host for these new events, so Foodini joined the cast and the customer lineup as a glitzy, over-the-top announcer.

Why is there no hot chocolate in Papa’s Pancakeria?

In Pancakeria’s Drink Station, we focused on beverages that are typically served with breakfast (like coffee and juices). Although we have chocolate milk, we don’t have hot chocolate. We would have needed to add “Hot Water” as a liquid option. That would have been great for making hot chocolate, but the other combos would have been weird (hot cream water, iced hot water, and hot sugar water). The other option would have been a way to heat up the chocolate milk, but you wouldn’t really have time for that.

Leveling up, difficulties, and Papa Louie 2!

Why do you level up by earning money in Papa’s Pizzeria, when in the later games you level up by earning points?

You couldn’t spend your money on anything in Papa’s Pizzeria, so since it was a restaurant business we used money as if they were your points — you would level up by earning more money, and the high scores were shown as tips earned. We received a lot of feedback from the first game that players wanted to actually use the money they earned, so in Papa’s Burgeria we added a shop to buy upgrades. Since you could spend the money and run out, we couldn’t use it as a points system anymore for leveling up, so we added regular Points to the Gamerias after that.

What was the most difficult Papa’s game to make?

Each of the games have their own tough challenges while we’re making them, but the most difficult was probably Papa’s Wingeria. We had wanted to make a game with wings since Burgeria, but couldn’t quite figure out how to handle a Build Station, until we finally thought of arranging wings and sides on a platter. Figuring out the different patterns and how to score them took a long time, and we also went through many options for how the Fry Station and Sauce Station could work. On top of that, figuring out custom Workers was another big challenge, and designing all of the clothing options for them.

Is Papa Louie 2 done yet?

We have been very busy with Papa Louie 2! Matt just finished up all the sound effects and new music for the game, and we’re working on adding more details to all of the levels. We just have a short list of things left to do, and then it’s time for play-testing, where we make sure all of the skills are working nicely and all the challenges are doable. After we've started this we should have a better idea of when the game will be ready to release. We don’t have any new previews since we don’t wait to spoil any of the surprises with playable customers or our new lands and enemies, but stay tuned for more details on when the game will launch!

Music, Pizza Chefs, and Table Manners

How do you make the music for your games?

For most of our games, we compose and record the music ourselves using a MIDI keyboard and software in our small recording booth here at Flipline Studios. The keyboard lets us play notes (like you would on a piano), and the computer records each of those notes and lets us make changes to them later in the software. This way, we can make it sound like any instrument we need, and we only have to use the keyboard to record them all. We only record one instrument part at a time, so it can take a while to record all the parts for a complete song.

Why is Papa Louie a pizza chef?

For our first Papa Louie game, we wanted to create a character that had a unique way of fighting enemies in the level, instead of jump stomping on enemies like in most platformers. We thought about our hero being able to hit projectiles back at enemies (which eventually became Pizza Monsters spitting cheese), so we tried to think of a swinging weapon that would also relate to the main character. Hammers and baseball bats had been used in a bunch of other games, so when we finally thought of a pizza paddle we knew we had to make our hero a pizza chef! That decision also led to the monsters coming from pizzas, and other enemies being ingredients that you use on pizzas, with the whole game revolving around Papa Louie being a chef.

Why can't customers eat at tables?

The lobby can get pretty filled up with all of the customers waiting in line, and all of the furniture and decorations that you can place in the lobby. The main reason is that there’s just not much room to have customers staying in the lobby after they get their food!

Cheese Wheels, Food Choices, and Romanos

In Papa Louie 2, why is there only one Cheese Wheel in the entire game?

Back when we were making the first Papa Louie game, we started out with lots of different foods as enemies in our first draft, like jumping green peppers and flying cannolis. As we kept working on the game, we created more varieties of onion enemies and removed our older placeholder enemies — except we forgot about one lone Cheese Wheel in World 3! The game was already released by the time we noticed. When we started working on Papa Louie 2, we decided to add just one lonely Cheese Wheel to the new game as a tribute to the original.

How do you choose your next Gameria?

When we were brainstorming a sequel for Papa’s Pizzeria, we started a list of different food ideas and how the food preparation could be turned into 3 or 4 hands-on stations, and we’ve kept adding to the list since then! Sometimes we have a food that we want to use, but we just can’t come up with a good way to break the process up into Gameria-style stations — for example, we had “chicken wings” on our list for years because we couldn’t figure out a good mechanic for a Build Station, until we finally came up with the plate presentation for Papa’s Wingeria. When we look through our finished ideas to pick one, we also usually try to come up with a new mechanic that hasn’t been used in the previous games, like frosting cupcakes or saucing wings.

Who is the mother of Gino Romano and the wife of Giacomo Romano?

As some of you may know from the Gino Romano Flipdeck, his father was Giacomo “Gigante” Romano. To answer your question, Gino’s mother’s name is Florentina. She’s very very old and doesn’t get out and about much. Needless to say, you won’t be seeing her waiting in line for any of Papa’s restaurants. Florentina is fairly content with the cafeteria meals served at the Prune Creek Retirement Home.

The Studios, Flavor X, and Baseball Teams

Do you guys make games at your homes or is there a specific place that is Flipline Studios?

When we first graduated college, we were working from our two separate homes (hence the plural studio in Flipline Studios). But less than a year later, we found a nice studio loft in Cleveland, Ohio. We live about 30 minutes from each other so the Studio is a nice halfway point between the two of us. It has an open office space, bathroom, kitchen, and a sound room for recording music and sound fx.

What is the Flavor X drizzle recipe?

Unfortunately, even we don’t know the recipe to the Flavor X drizzle. Papa Louie found a batch of it in the uncharted X-Zone. He taste-tested it and found it incredibly delicious and quite invigorating. Not content with keeping it for himself, Papa brought it out for the first time to celebrate New Years in Papa’s Cupcakeria.

Can you list the names of the baseball teams in Papa's Hot Doggeria including where the team is from?

Sure, we can do that! The Tastyville Tomatoes, the Burgerburgh Sizzlers, the Tacodale Hardshells, the Calypso Island Coconuts, the Maple Mountain Flapjacks, the Starlight City Buffaloes, the Frostfield Batters, the Portallini Gondoliers, the Oniontown Crushers, the Powder Point Woolies, the Sakura Bay Samurais, and the Toastwood Turkeys.

The Holiday Edition

Why did you start adding seasons in Papa's Cupcakeria?

While the Gamerias don’t really have endings, we noticed a lot of players would keep playing the games until Papa Louie is unlocked (and sometimes longer). In the older games, you would run out of unlockable toppings much earlier than this, and there wouldn’t be anything new to look forward to along the way aside from new customers. So to keep things more interesting all the way through, we thought of seasonal ingredients that would unlock for different holidays, where customers’ orders would sometimes change throughout the year, and there would always be something new to add to their orders. You could also see the restaurant change with new decorations and see the town change with the seasons. Cupcakes seemed like the perfect food to introduce with seasons, since bakeries decorate cupcakes for all sorts of holidays.

Why don't the other holidays from Papa's Cupcakeria return in Papa's Pastaria?

A lot of the holidays return, but the waterfront town of Portallini has its own local holidays and occasions that are more common to the region. For example, even though the town has its own baseball team in the Portallini Gondoliers, the Gondola 500 is the largest-drawing sporting event in the area, so the town celebrates the Gondola 500 every September. In August, baseball season pales in comparison to the traditional Neptune’s Feast, where the townsfolk celebrate their love of seafood with festivals and feasts throughout the month.

When is the exact date of the Gondola 500, Pirate Bash, and Onionfest?

The Gondola 500 is held on the last Saturday of September in Portallini. Pirate Bash is September 19th, the same day as the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Onionfest is a week long celebration in the town of Frostfield and usually takes place the second week of May.

Blue Moon, Gold Stars, and Xolo

What does Blue Moon syrup taste like (in Papa's Freezeria HD)?

Blue Moon flavored ice cream is popular in the midwestern United States, and it’s a very sweet fruit flavor, though it’s hard to describe what kind of fruit it tastes like. Some people say it tastes like a blend of raspberry, lemon, and pineapple, or kind of like a fruit-flavored cereal.

What happens when a customer earns a Gold Award and their star meter is filled up?

You’ll get extra tips from the customer each time their meter is filled, even if they’re already a gold customer. Once they’re gold, customers won’t come into the restaurants as often, so you have a chance to earn Gold Awards on your other customers. Once nearly everyone has a Gold Award though (or on a customer’s favorite holiday in the newer games), gold customers will return again!

Why is Xolo a regular customer in Papa's Freezeria HD, instead of a closer like in every other game?

In Papa’s Freezeria HD, the original closers from Papa’s Freezeria return to the restaurant, so his sister Xandra takes back her place as an ice cream closer. Xolo couldn't be left out though, so he makes his debut visit to Calypso Island in Papa’s Freezeria HD as a regular customer. It seems that Xandra is just more picky about her sundaes than her brother is!

Holiday Favorites, Onions, and Santa

Holidays are fairly recent, yet most of your customers have been around for a long time. How do you match customers to holidays?

Once we decide on the food items we’ll have for each holiday, we try to find customers who would normally like those foods, or that seem to go well with them. Chuck usually orders something with pineapple, so he’s a fan of Summer Luau with its tropical-themed foods. Sarge Fan would of course be excited about Onionfest and all of the onion-themed items in Papa’s Cupcakeria, and he switched his favorite holiday to Halloween in Portallini to order pasta with onions. We have a long list of every customer’s favorite foods, so we sometimes switch their favorite holidays in certain towns depending on when their favorite items are available.

Of all the toppings typically used on a pizza, why did you pick onions as the main enemies for Papa Louie?

We were originally going to have lots of different foods as enemies for Papa Louie, including spaghetti monsters and flying cannolis, and other vegetables like green peppers and eggplant. Sarge was originally going to be one of these regular enemies in the game, with lots of smaller pepper-tossing Sarges running around. When we decided he would fit better as the main boss of the game, we added more onion enemies for him to command, and removed a lot of the other random enemies that didn't quite fit.

In Papa's Donuteria, why does Santa only visit during Christmas?

When Santa first started visiting the restaurants in Papa’s Cupcakeria, he would first come during Christmas and order cupcakes decorated for the holiday. After Christmas though, he would still come back to the cupcake shop for regular cupcakes, and it seemed really strange to see Santa in the middle of summer! Since he seemed so out-of-place, in the newer games he’ll only visit during the Christmas season. And you must have been good this year, since when he first visits he already has a Silver Customer Award!

Apps, Difficulty, and Gummy Worms

Why do you skip some Papa's Gamerias when making apps?

We didn’t really plan to go in order when making apps of the Gamerias. We started with Papa’s Burgeria since it had simpler mechanics and we thought flipping burgers and stacking toppings would be fun with a touch screen, and we did Papa’s Freezeria next because the ingredients were so different from everything seen in Papa’s Burgeria, and it’s always been a fan favorite. We knew the gameplay in Papa’s Wingeria would work great on a touch screen, so we decided to work on that one next. That doesn’t mean we’re giving up on the games in-between though. We’d love to go back and make apps of the other games we skipped in the future!

Besides the Gameria series, what was the hardest game to make?

Our MMO platformer Remnants of Skystone was definitely the hardest to make, but of the other games, Jacksmith was probably the most difficult to develop. In Gamerias, each meal in a game is basically built the same way (steak tacos aren’t too different from chicken tacos), but with Jacksmith we had six different crafting processes where each weapon was created differently. We were also trying to combine game genres in a new way, which always takes some time to get right. On top of that, we added tons of content to the game with dozens of enemy types, lots of elemental variations, and hundreds of weapon parts. We worked off and on for nearly a year on Jacksmith, which is much longer than we usually take!

Why are there Gummy Worms in Papa Louie 2? All of the other creatures are burger-related or savory foods.

As you might have guessed, Gummy Worms are not native to Mount Monterey. Professor Fitz believes they originate from the far reaches of Munchmore in an area that he calls the Gummy Grotto, though no one has traveled that far to find out if it’s true. Gummy Worms are a favorite of the Lettuce Larks, and it seems they’ve flown to the worms’ far-off habitat and brought some back to the cheesy mountain.

BBQ, Chicory Café, and McCoy

In Papa Louie 2, what are the trees in BBQ Bog and the Saucelands made of?

That area of Munchmore is themed like many barbecue restaurants, which is why you’ll find hills that look like checkered tablecloths, bridges made of sausages, and these unique trees that seem to be topped with cole slaw instead of leaves. You’ll also find lots of metal pipes in the area, carrying that delicious barbecue sauce to other areas of the land!

What do they serve at the Chicory Café in Portallini?

The Chicory Café is a popular place in town to grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a delicious espresso beverage. Each morning they serve a new special blend of coffee, and the regulars love to stop in and try the latest flavor before heading to work.

What inspired you to create the Cactus McCoy series?

We had previously worked on a short game for Lionsgate Films based on the Expendables movie, which was designed like a classic retro platformer with each character wielding a different weapon. As we were working on the game, we originally wanted one of the characters to fight hand-to-hand by punching other enemies, and had him hitting and juggling the enemies in the air. Lionsgate ultimately decided on a different weapon for him to use, but we were still interested in the idea of a platformer where you could fight with a weapon or choose to use your fists. We later took this idea and expanded on it with a variety of weapons that both the main character AND the enemies could use, combining elements of shooting, melee, and brawling into a single new game. At one point we also saw the word “enemigo” used in a description of our Papa Louie game on a Spanish-speaking website, which gave us the idea of using a Southwest or Wild West theme for the game (and for using the name “Enemigos” for the bands of outlaws that Cactus McCoy fights).

Apps, Games, and Contests

You have been making lots of Apps lately. Are you still planning on making browser based games in the future?

Well, we have 13 Gamerias on the web right now, with Papa’s Sushiria being the newest. We have been extra busy trying to remake them as phone and tablet apps. We will still be releasing browser games. In fact, we are already in early development of the next browser-based Gameria.

What happened to Foodini’s Friday Games?

Foodini’s Friday Games have been a staple of our blog since 2012. However, if you have been noticing over the last year, we have slowly been phasing out the amount of Foodini’s Friday Games on our site. We started off with 3 new games a week. Then we dropped it to 2 new games a week and a classic from the past. Then 1 new game and 2 classics. Soon, it became just the classics. Ultimately, the pool of quality Flash games has been diminishing, so there wasn’t much to choose from and we needed to wrap it all up.

Will Customerpalooza be back this year?

Yes, we are working on it right now! If all goes well, it should be out by the end of the month.

Where is the new Gameria???

When will you announce the next Gameria?

We’re working hard on the next Gameria, but as you know it’s a long process to make a brand-new game! It generally takes at least 4 to 6 months of work to create a new game, and for a long time there just isn’t enough finished to start showing off anything, so we need to wait until things are coming together before we start revealing sneak peeks. Things are progressing nicely so far, so expect us to make an announcement some time in mid-January about the new game.

Will there be two separate Flipdecks for Moe/The Dynamoe?

Yes. They will be getting two separate Flipdecks just like Joy and Ninjoy did. Moe and The Dynamoe have very different personalities so having multiple Flipdecks will be absolutely necessary.

What else is new over at Flipline Studios?

It has been very busy over here working on games and apps. We’ve been fulfilling a bunch of orders for Grumpy Onions and Flipdecks. On top of that, Tony just had his fourth child, a boy named Cosmo.


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