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Fizzo is a standard soft drink available in Papa's Hot Doggeria. It is available at the start of the game.

The badge Fizz Whiz is awarded when player serve this drink to 30 customers.


Fizzo is a brand of soft drink in the Flipverse. As of Papa's Pancakeria HD, there are five varieties of Fizzo brand drinks:

Customers who order this



  • A Fizzo pop machine is available for purchase for the lobbies starting with Papa's Freezeria. Customers who stand by the machine will be seen taking sips from a can. In Donuteria and Cheeseria it is a rare prize.
  • Fizzo balloons appeared in Papa Louie 2 and 3. They float still and do not move.
  • Before Rank 9 (when the second soda, Hyper Green, is unlocked), all customers will order Fizzo.
  • Interestingly, it is the least popular soda.
  • Bertha is the only Closer to order it.
  • It's possible Fizzo is the Gameria version of Coca-Cola, or Pepsi.


Papa's Hot Doggeria

Picture Bonus Points Cost Appear in Mini-Games
Fizzo Clear

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