Fashion Flambé is a clothing store located inside Whiskview Mall. Trishna works there as a sales associate. [1]

Shop during the holidays

Fashion Flambé is also a Mini-Game that first appeared in Papa's Pizzeria HD. In the game, either your chef or server is dressed in a specific outfit, and the player has to remember the most clothes they were wearing for three seconds.

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes

  1. Vday iconPuffer Jacket
  2. Thanksgiving icon Md. Harvest Table
  3. Thanksgiving iconTraditional Poster
  4. Aviators
  5. Thanksgiving iconTaco Mia Wall
  6. Stitched Moccasins
  7. Vday iconVase of Roses
  8. Bucket Hat
  9. CincodeMayo iconCinco Fence
  10. Chain Buckle Belt
  11. Valentine's Poster
  12. Thin Stripe Polo
  13. Vday iconWhite Tile


  1. Feast Velvet Rope

Papa's Pizzeria HD Prizes Gallery

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes

  1. Burple Tee
  2. Onions Poster
  3. Cobblestone Floor
  4. Two-Tone Pullover
  5. Turkey Poster
  6. Striped Pants

Papa's Hot Doggeria HD Prizes Gallery