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Papa's Pancakeria - Customer Cravings Title Card

Customer Cravings is a minigame that appears in Papa's Pancakeria, Papa's Wingeria, Papa's Hot Doggeria, and Papa's Freezeria HD.  

This minigame is a test-your-memory game, seeing if the player knows the customer's orders. The time is unlimited, so players can either cheat by using this page or using a duplicate of the same saved game. Each correct answer is worth 25 cents if the player doesn't get all the answers right. But if the player gets all of them right, he/she will win a Foodini or onion related prize. 
Customer Cravings Logo

The Logo (Pancakeria Version)

Papa's Pancakeria Prizes

  1. Winners Poster Improves Waiting Score
  2. Ticket Poster Improves Waiting Score
  3. Bracket Poster Improves Waiting Score
  4. Foodini Curtain Wallpaper
  5. Foodini Balloons Improves Waiting Score
  6. Foodini Velvet Ropes Improves Waiting Score
  7. Golden Floor Flooring
  8. Pepperoni Division Improves Waiting Score
  9. Onion Division Improves Waiting Score
  10. Prize Wall Wallpaper
  11. Pineapple Division Improves Waiting Score
  12. Foodini Hat Improves Waiting Score
  13. Foodini Floor Flooring
  14. Sauce Wheel Improves Waiting Score

Papa's Pancakeria Prize Gallery


The Logo (Wingeria Version)

Papa's Wingeria Prizes

  1. Foodini Poster Improves Waiting Score
  2. Blue Skirt/Pinestripe Pants Pants
  3. Small Foodini Table Improves Waiting Score
  4. Golden Floor Flooring
  5. Aqua Zip-up Shirt
  6. Medium Foodini Table Improves Waiting Score
  7. Foodini Balloons Improves Waiting Score
  8. Foodini Bag/Foodini Bowtie Accessory
  9. Patterned Belt Belt Accessory
  10. Foodini Velvet Ropes Improves Waiting Score
  11. Foodini Hat Hat
  12. Foodini Curtain Wallpaper
  13. Harrington Jacket Jacket
  14. Large Foodini Table Improves Waiting Score
Customer cravings hot doggeria

Customer Cravings in Hot Doggeria

Papa's Hot Doggeria Prizes

  1. FoonionOnions Poster Onion Bonus
  2. FoonionSmall Foodini Table Improves Waiting Score
  3. FoonionSarge Wall Wallpaper
  4. Crushers Hat Hat
  5. FoonionCrushers Poster Improves Waiting Score
  6. FoonionMedium Foodini Table Improves Waiting Score
  7. Crushers Bottoms Pants
  8. FoonionFoodini Balloons Improves Waiting Score
  9. Crushers Jersey Shirt
  10. FoonionOniontown Carpet Flooring
  11. FoonionLarge Foodini Table Improves Waiting Score
  12. Captain Hat Hat
  13. FoonionOnion Improves Waiting Score
  14. Track Jacket Jacket


  • This minigame is hosted by Foodini, but however, sometimes it happens that when the player plays this minigame, Foodini clones (as seen in picture above). This only works if you have already unlocked Foodini.
  • This minigame doesn't appear in Papa's Cupcakeria or in any subsequent gamerias because customers' orders can change depending on the holiday.
    • However, it still appears in HD editions of the games, since those don't have holidays.
  • Closers never appear in this minigame.
  • The player may cheat by opening the page for the customer in this wiki and see their orders.
    • In addition, there is no time limit to pressure the player to decide quickly.
  • In Wingeria, you can easily tell that an order is incorrect because some of the orders are impossible to arrange (for example, 3 all arounds with 8 items, or everything on the right). You can also tell if an order is incorrect if the same ingredient is listed twice but with different amounts and arrangement on the plate.
  • In Hot Doggeria, you can easily tell that an order is incorrect if it has a large buttered popcorn (because no one orders it), if an ingredient is listed twice consecutively, the sport peppers and tomatoes are not in an even pattern, and/or if the type of sausage is not ordered by anyone on that bun.


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