Cool Shot

Cool Shot is a minigame that is played after a day is completed in Papa's Hot Doggeria. The targets are different baddies from Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!. The weapon used in this game is a bottle of Blueberry Syrup.



  1. FreezeriaHot Coconuts Poster
  2. FreezeriaHot Small Freezeria Table
  3. Coconuts Jersey
  4. FreezeriaHot Planter Box
  5. FreezeriaHot Freezeria Wall
  6. Coconuts Bottoms
  7. FreezeriaHot Medium Freezeria Table
  8. FreezeriaHot Batters Poster
  9. Coconuts Hat
  10. FreezeriaHot Surfboard
  11. FreezeriaHot Swirl Floor
  12. FreezeriaHot Large Freezeria Table
  13. Blue Hoodie
  14. Fez

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