Coffee is a beverage made available to customers when the drink station is unlocked in Papa's Pancakeria upon reaching Rank 15 in the game. There are two kinds of coffee made available in the game: regular, or decaffeinated. When a player reaches Rank 15 in the game, both Wally and the drink station are unlocked. The badge 'Pick Me Up' is given when you serve 20 orders with Coffee. It is served in a clear coffee mug. Customers may select to have cocoa, cream, sugar, and even ice added to their coffee.

In Papa's Pancakeria HD, it is made available at the beginning of the game.

Customers who orders this drink (Pancakeria)





Customers who orders this drink (Pancakeria HD)

Coffee PHD


  • Coffee and Decaf are the first drinks available when the drink station is unlocked.
  • With 16 customers ordering coffee, it is the most popular drink served in the game.
  • Carlo is the only Romano not to order coffee, because he hates coffee according to his flipdeck.
  • Quinn is the only female closer to order this. It's also revealed that she loves coffee on her flipdeck.