Unlocking chicago bun
Chicago bun

Chicago Bun is one of the hot dog buns available in Papa's Hot Doggeria. It's unlocked with Tohru on Day 2. The badge 'Chicago Style' is given when you serve 30 orders with Chicago Buns.

In Papa's Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!, it's unlocked with Pinch Hitwell on Day 2.

Customers who order this (Hot Doggeria)

Customers who order this (Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!)

Chicago Bun (HHD)


  • Bertha is the only closer to order this.
  • It is the second most popular bun.
  • All five types of hot dogs are ordered on this bun by someone.
  • What is called a "Chicago Bun" in the game is really a hot dog bun with poppy seeds. Chicago-Style Hot Dogs are traditionally made with this as the bun.