This article is about an ingredient. If looking for the Cherry Cordial, one of forty Special Pies that can be served in Papa's Bakeria, please click here.
Cherry Cordials are an ingredient used in many of Papa Louie's restaurant time-management games.

In Papa's Freezeria HD/To Go!, Cherry Cordials are a mixable unlocked with Scarlett when the player reaches Rank 20.

In Papa's Donuteria, Cherry Cordial Cream is a holiday-exclusive donut filling available during Christmas. It's unlocked with Olga when the player reaches Rank 23.

Customer who order this (Freezeria HD)

Cherry Cordials

Customer who order this (Freezeria To Go!)

Customer who order this (Donuteria)

Papa's Donuteria - Cherry Cordial Cream


  • A cordial is a type of confection which features a fruit filling in a chocolate shell. Cherry cordials are the most popular cordials, while there are also other cordials like strawberry or raspberry.
  • Scarlett loves Cherry Cordials according to her Flipdeck.

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